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  1. I am honestly kinda shocked reading this thread, cause in my country almost everybody uses manual transmission

  2. I know it's a meme and all, but it's starting to be a real fucking problem in the west. And the young men syndrome will only intensify in the next few years.

  3. You can play every mainline Metal Gear Solid on it

  4. That's the reason I borrowed it from my friend. Thete is no way to comfortably complete mgs4 on emulators rn

  5. No ps3 emulator on PC? The controller hooks up to a PC just fine last I checked

  6. Ps3 emulator exists on pc. However this exact game (mgs4) runs poorly, if you're don't have high end software. Also, some people reported it to be impossible to complete, as crashes during cutscenes and gameplay and graphical glitches really kill experience.

  7. why? I thought that number says amount of bombs in 8 boxes around? Is there a chance?

  8. the only repack that worked for me through wine was elden ring fitg. tried dodi for cyberpunk with 16gb of ram, by 70% installation it eats all of my mem and crashes. it prolly depends from one repack to another. i agree wine does work but its very situational. unfortunately there's no general advice i can give but what works all the time is installing the game through windows. that's universal. if u find it hard to spin up a vm, u can either dual boot windows or borrow your neighbor's/family windows pc just to install the game and then enjoy it on linux.

  9. idk man, you're kinda a minority. Most games I tried on my SD worked fine, though I needed some tweaking as usual

  10. Well, it's not the thing I encounter every day in my life. If I asked you where is the epyphisis cerebri and you knew it, you probably wouldn't be able to point where it is, right?

  11. this is basic human anatomy we're talkin about....

  12. Something like 6 out of every 7 barrels of oil used by the Allies in WW2 came from the US. We also produced an ungodly amount of materials for the war, including something like 38,000 planes being sent to the United Kingdom alone.

  13. А как насчёт прогуляться нахуй?

  14. Tbf quite a bit of Russians would agree with the take.

  15. this dude literally killed many russian men, so yeah, I'd gladly accept this offer

  16. Well of course they wont die. But their life would be worse. And that pleases me greatly

  17. It's pretty fun. I wish you better luck on Death Scissors than I had though. 😬

  18. I just finished the game on Dante Must Die mode, and I've found the best strategy for Nightmare seems to be spamming grenade launcher to quickly fill DT, then wait for Nightmare to do one of the long drawn out attacks like the laser or the boomerang and just hit him with air raid. If you can handle one of the other bosses mid fight as well, letting him trap you in the other dimension and beating all the enemies does a big deal of damage and will make the light stay on for longer, so you don't have to hit the runes as often.

  19. yeah after some time I managed to beat him with a bit of strategy. What a good boss design though!

  20. I'm an absolute novice in this game and probably worse than you, but I never try to attack someone before I make infrastructure near enemy's borders and before I provide full equipment to my troops. It kinda helps

  21. They say the rookie knows the rules and the veteran knows the exceptions. Ensuring full supply is a fine rule of thumb. Knowing when it becomes overkill is game knowledge that comes with time. No harm in it.

  22. So, when full suply becomes overkill? I thought that divisions become weak if they aren't fully provided with weapons and stuff

  23. Да, да, там бабка Ванга говорила, что в 2022 году помимо войны ещё и инопланетяне будут. Мне кажется, этого не хватает для завершения программы по пиздецу.

  24. это шутка или нет? А то я уже готов во все поверить, если честно.

  25. а она правда про инопланетян говорила? не слушал ее предсказания ни разу

  26. Блять ну через один же делает, Петрович, йобтваю мать, перенастраивай, пол тиража в гавно

  27. так там до этого видимо ещё такая же штука стоит, каждая через одну линию переворачивает, на выходе перевёрнуты все

  28. Теперь я жалею, что я живу не в Питере

  29. Да там этих корги даже не выпускают по сути погулять среди посетителей. Теперь там не как с котами, в режиме контактного зоопарка. Из иногда выводят трюки показать или что-то подобное.

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