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  1. they posted on twitter yesterday that itself a bug for some players and it should be fixed soon, idk what soon means tho

  2. Oh, I don't know about that. Need to check mine if that's the case

  3. sometimes different. sometimes package are consolidated as one.

  4. Don't take s20 plus in 2022. Get an iPhone for that amount. And play effortlessly

  5. I'm more of an Android guy lol, I'm getting the S20+ cause of many reasons I would get an s21 but it lacks some of the stuff the s20 has and the s20 over the S10 cause the 120hz screen and performance jump

  6. Who said that it can't support hdr extreme, it's an SD 865!!!!!. Obviously it can and will support. The one's on YouTube must be the Exynos model. In fact you are pretty lucky if you are able to get hold of an 865 S20. That a perfect android right now

  7. Just gave it a try on my s20+ snapdragon and it works flawlessly everything maxed out and hdr

  8. Bro does it work with HDR Extreme (60fps)? And what about Ultra HD I'm planning on getting Snapdragon but i wanna know if it'll work without gfx tool :(

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