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  1. We can all agree that getting your genitals licked feels really good

  2. es la telainco de ee.uu te persigue la tele pocha jajaja

  3. Además ahora que estás en España para ti no es Kanye West, es Kanye Wester, que está más lejos.

  4. As a creator I really could pass on the penis updates I often get from consumers 😂 something about ff makes it hard for some to determine what an appropriate convo opener would be?

  5. Something about the years of stigma about the fetish, as well as the fact its not explicitly seen as a sexual body part, I think blurs the lines as to what is appropriate to start a conversation to a lot of people with foot fetishes. I've seen some really creepy convos where if you just replace 'foot' 'feet' 'toes' etc. with butt/breasts it would sound grotesque but these people think its fine cause it isnt *those* body parts

  6. Me llegó uno de los avatares gratis y hace un año y pico me puse uno gratis y me gustó este nuevo más, pero esta vez me requería abrir una cartera para tenerlo guardado en el blockchain.

  7. I do 7 hours of PH a day, sometimes just straight through with no breaks. It's the minimum amount of hours i need to make the necessary amount of money per day. I have been on cbly for about 3 months and only have a handful of regulars that actually show up every week, usually about 2 hours a day. People love to cancel. PH aren't that bad ive met some really interesting people there. Ratings can fluctuate for sure but in my experience never more than about .04 in either direction.

  8. It will take a few days to get your rating, depending on how many calls your taking a day. Ya people love to cancel, you'll build up some solid regulars that are consistent though. 3/4 is good, sometimes it just really slows down and it takes forever to make the money you need. It usually takes me 7 hours to make 50$ but sometimes more

  9. me gustó la semidesnatada de extremadura pero ya que he vuelto a ee.uu. practicamente no la bebo ya. mucho azúcar y no sabe natural como allá

  10. I can’t believe I had to scroll through each comment to ultimately see nobody say Techno/House. It’s not the de facto music (obviously that’s Riggatoni) but it’s huge in Spain. Maybe because that’s what I like, but I rarely go to a club in Spain that isn’t full on Techno/House nights. All of my Spanish friends either like it and follow the music, or at least are down for a night out to an electronic club.

  11. Ive spent two and a half years in various places in Spain and ive encounter ONE place that had house music. They exist but i think your experience might be colored by your tastes

  12. Idk man. I live in Madrid. I can name 10 clubs just off the top of my head that I’ve been too and seen the crowds there. I’ve been to the festivals. The culture definitely exists and there are a lot of people. But no idea how it compares to the rest of the population, nor how it compares to other countries (like if EDM is more/less popular here than other European countries)

  13. Im rather inexperienced with Madrid, but I'd guess that its a place where its easier to find edm clubs/bars and such. It is a place that just attracts various different flavors, by its multicultural nature.

  14. If i could ask to have them on my face, nothing would make me happier 🥺

  15. I am kinda paralyzed by your arches - theyre so hot and id lap at them like a dog if you told me too. Thank you for sharing 💚

  16. hey, if you follow the crosspost you can let her know - judging by this pic's thread she's likely to respond positively

  17. well, i would do anything you demanded with your feet, to start? stunning feet

  18. Suelo jugar a los juegos de rol, estrategía (por turnos), de vez en cuando algún shooter pero prefiero los más cooperativos. Me interesaría

  19. Sometimes both have the same first surname so their kids will be named something like Pablo Perez Pérez.

  20. I've got a good friend, Santiago Perez Santiago. There's a story behind that name

  21. You're asking how to get her to lower her boundaries and do something that she has set as an absolute hard limit. You need to negotiate another party to satisfy your needs or you need to look at if this is a deal breaker for you not getting to do this for the rest of your life.

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