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  1. Right. The heavy usage we see of them in media is romanticization. The katana was used as a last resort and was more of just a status symbol they wore to show their importance.

  2. And when you need to lop a peasant's head off for fun, are you going to use a polearm? No.

  3. It looks like after the scripts are ready, staff puts them in the locker number requested by the patient, pt types in code provided, and their on their way.. looks pretty convenient.. as far a people saying stuff about counseling, im sure consent is accepted during the pick up process on the screen or given in a email/ txt.

  4. And really, how often do you need to counsel as a percentage of prescription refills?

  5. So then what the investors is doing is, despite this yelling here, the best way to handle the situation- conservation allows you a profit, which motivates conservation and gives a reason to use less water than you could.

  6. The principal makes sense, but markets are messy. It's not like people can NOT buy water. It's the same way 'health insurers' 'promote efficiency' and we get crap ass services for double the costs of the rest of the world. If the good is required for human well-being we probably shouldn't be drawing raw profits from it without reinvestment schemes at the very least.

  7. In this case, the goal is all about promoting efficiency, though- you want that water to be used for the maximum return, not squandered. Giving people a motivation to use less and sell what they don't use seems like the best way to get the most people involved in trying to do that- otherwise you'd have people trying to find ways to use more water than they needed to off the books or whatever.

  8. The relative power of the federal government and the states.

  9. Yes you would! You're not the first person to think about getting around taxes like this, the IRS accounts for it, called "bartering". You pay taxes on the fair market value of the goods. You treat it (basically) the same as if it was cash. If you did plumbing for someone and they decided to pay you in a car instead of cash, you have to report the fair market value of that car on your taxes, and be taxed on it as if it was cash.

  10. While I could be wrong, I think the Boomer and older attitude was that nobody wanted to work. "Idle rich" was a thing, and it's clearly better than any actual job.

  11. Come to think of it, a very good wrestler would probably be able to kill the guy.

  12. It highlights one major division in the US that doesn't really involve guns directly- collectivism or individualism.

  13. Morally right but dumb, unless self preservation is an instinct you don't possess. Questioning their authority is a death sentence in the eyes of cops.

  14. Kind of a numbers game there, though. One cop, fifty interested bystanders...someone's backing down and unless the cop's got fifty bullets and is really fast at reloading, it's him.

  15. of the fifty interested bystanders, how many will fight a cop

  16. If you have a community that'll just stand by and watch as one of their own gets beaten to death, then you have a community where your members will get beaten to death, and probably fairly regularly.

  17. Maybe. If you divide a task into steps, each of which is itself innocuous, what do you do to the humans involved?

  18. In your specific case, I would expect the people (who may be factory owners rather than individual packagers) who loaded poison into a container that didn't have suitable safety warnings on it to take some responsibility. Or the people who later removed safety warnings from containers to put innocuous shampoo labels on them.

  19. Or you could add steps until any individual person is doing tasks that are perfectly fine- the cannisters have safety warnings, but the ones doing the relabeling don't read that language, perhaps.

  20. All elected officials should be required to do this. But you know...corruption.

  21. Depends a bit on the municipality, but recall elections are a thing for many offices.

  22. BF was rumored to actually like mature women, so he would probably be subscribed to a lot of OF creators that make granny porn.

  23. Generally a gene for a dominant trait does something, and for a recessive one doesn't.

  24. Being vegan. Not too much of a challenge to spot the vegan.

  25. Self-interested behavior. Everyone lauds altruism, but keeps a watch on the bottom line.

  26. Evolution is pretty cool but it's not magic. If you throw enough kinetic energy at a complex system it falls apart. Physics always wins.

  27. Insects that behave in ways that avoid being targeted by lasers? Maybe.

  28. No, I just pretend it's fine and become increasingly irritated until I explode and end the relationship.

  29. Just to be fair, Jedi and Sith are generally atheists. They don't believe in any gods. Therefore meet the definition of an atheist

  30. No, they don't believe in any gods, just a nigh-omnipotent and omniscient something that's present in every part of the galaxy and has a will of its own.

  31. The one where they killed the king, then wound up with an Emperor, then another king again?

  32. And as you'll recall (or not, depending on whether you paid attention in class), the guy who started the whole mass-beheading thing, Robespierre, got his own head chopped off at the end of it.

  33. The faster people notice that politicians, no matter the party, are only out to lookout for themselves and their cronies, the faster we can start noticing that they don't actually care about us.

  34. Of course they only care about themselves. People generally only care about themselves.

  35. Politely supply him directions to the nearest international airport that may have service to Australia.

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