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  1. No, its dosen't mean that it load a website in 28 min, it load a whole website under 1 sec all the front end but back end load afterwards.

  2. Are you based in the US? Do you know how much healthcare costs?

  3. Then please for the love of Pete…go with a host that specializes in WP hosting. Wpengine, kinsta, etc

  4. I don't think the problem is with the speed its loading under 1 sec only, I am already using VPS hosting that too Prenium from Cloudways. There are 400 pages on my website.

  5. King Arthur's website is a must for bakers, don't use it continuously and check for overheating in between. Don't forget to choose the right and the

  6. I'll share my experience with pop-ups; maybe it gives you insight.

  7. Thanks for the reply. Ill look into Mailerlite, must be a reason I downloaded it lol.

  8. Yes, it can do exit popup, it can do everything what others can do, although I am on a trail period so its early to say, till now I like it.

  9. All big tech is owned by the banks. Who do you think owns all the banks 😀

  10. were you developing with a different site URL? In elentor there is a tool to replace the old domain with the new one

  11. Yes, okay so now i have re-done the work without changing URL do you think it will happen again?

  12. No definitely not u shouldn't worry, as long as the backup u take is complete

  13. There will be a day when google will be selling AI tool bcs google love money.

  14. Hi, I was wondering if you could give some more advice of changes to make. Thanks for your time!

  15. just visit some of your competitors websites, you'll find the information you are looking for, like iGyaan, mashable and more

  16. Also, quick question, say I wasn't 18, would it affect the application if I said so on the website?

  17. Yes, but you can use your parent’s Identity and Bank Details as Payee Details to receive the payments from AdSense.

  18. If I’m understanding correctly, it’s in the popup settings (for that specific popup). You’d change it just like you change it in the contact page - go back to WP-Dashboard and scroll down to popups

  19. Yes the difference is in contact us page i am editing the form so I get the email option there, but in homepage, it shows edit section and column so there is no email option to change the email

  20. Do you have an SMTP plugin? Never send emails on a website without one.

  21. Check the latest Google update from Dec 15 about Ai content

  22. Did it means that it violates Adsese policy or I can sell the ad space?

  23. You can sell, so long as its banner and does not affect adsense placement

  24. Generally, you're supposed to have only one Amazon Associates account. You can associate multiple websites with that one account.

  25. Ah, I see. Yeah, that's a good question that I'm not really sure about. Knowing Amazon, it's probably not allowed, but I'd recommend reaching out directly to see what they say on the matter.

  26. They gave me this response, and I don't believe they understood my question at all.

  27. where did you get from can't find it on Amazon?

  28. just write some government exam. Private job market is shithole at the end of the day. All these big ass success stories of getting huge packages show only like the 0.01% of the population.

  29. can u tell me which government exam can give 8lpm?

  30. They don't let them take risks in life which ends with regrets on the death bed. They just don't let them experience life and expect them to follow the made up timelines of 25 pe shadi (and that too only arranged marriage) 28 pe bacche fir kaam aur fir maut ka intezar.

  31. Wow, thanks for the info idk that, Yes I heard Jonita Gandhi in sunburn fest and I love her cover version of the song.

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