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  1. Creepy monster! Nice art. Under what circumstances do they change color?

  2. I see. Marco's answer, I assume? No problem!

  3. Gaurdians of the threshold. Love Kesaani's red aura. What is the source of income for the Lokjaman? How do they sustain themselves?

  4. Just read through it cover to cover. Genius. Suspensful. And so very blue. Can't wait for the next one!

  5. Here is one: papamoussa! Moussy in the inside, bright and yellow on the outside. No seed. Sweet aromatic, with an aftertaste of tea Grows in the mountains on bushes. Ovial. Smallish.

  6. Yup. You can cut it like and avocado and scoop rhe fruity mousse inside! Yummm

  7. Do we know who began the "Trust not the Pale hands" graffiti campaign? Is it becoming a bigger more organized movement?

  8. Hi quill! Nice to finally meet you! Do we have an estimate o the population of big blue? And its demographics?

  9. Always love these "slice of life" pieces, they're relatively rare on this sub for some reason.

  10. "Old runes on shark parchment, sea snake eyeballs from the southern edges of Mawrhas, vintage Iguanid romance paperbacks... you never know what you will find!"

  11. Precious books. I like that. Are there researchers who study these old books to better understand past forms of life? Like historical anthropologists? If so what have they found out about the earliest spiritual tridonids?

  12. Commerce in the Big Empty Blue! Yay! Whats the rarest kind of pearl? What can one buy with it? Tryinna get a sense of the currency.

  13. Great question! The rarest kind of cultured pearl available in the Big Blue is the White Xythian Pearl. It grows near

  14. I held my breath through it all! The thrill, the harrow, the magnitude of change! Wow.

  15. Thank you so much! I have to admit it: I was in the mood for some storytelling this week :)

  16. Change keeps bringing it 👏🏼 Can one intentionally activate change induced dreams?

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