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I'm in this with you.

  1. True lmao why can't he just stay single 😒 my erotomaniac mind can't take this

  2. Assamese guys after one shot "eh bey kela, taik bom miss korisu, phone eta loga"

  3. taik hosake bhal paisilu bey kela Mon Jai playing in loud volume in the background

  4. Shh. The comments are way more entertaining than the meme.

  5. Ahh the joy i find in doing little helpful things like this

  6. Damn that's crazy you said that, it's crazier that nobody asked for your opinion tho

  7. The right to say something without offending wannabe woke people

  8. Free popcorn to the people who came here to read comments 🍿🍿

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