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Toxic Femininity is worse than Toxic Masculinity

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TIFU By agreeing to an “open relationship”

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  1. I don't think women getting to blame shit on their periods is as bad as men murdering them for stupid shit.

  2. The problem is that abusive women are statistically far more likely to murder their partner than men are.

  3. Anecdotal evidence is anecdotal.

  4. You could always buy a giant PA system and blast Marilyn Manson at them at twice their volume.

  5. Or he could be a normal person and politely ask them to not be so loud. They would probably listen and be accommodating right away.

  6. Geez. When it comes to Islam no one has a sense of humor. If it had been a bunch of baptists you probably would have laughed.

  7. The god of peace and quiet. All I do is show up at chaotic places and force everyone to shut the fuck up.

  8. I wanna see the baby birthed by the Democratic party this year, because if that isn't a disaster then I dont know what is.

  9. "You're a Democrat", she announces, "Don't operate heavy equipment and avoid pointy objects."

  10. Well I'm trying to find understanding in a comment that on the surface seems really generalizing and rude but I understand that there is a line of thinking behind this and I am curious of what it is.

  11. What I am saying is that women in the west have, over the last 75 years or so, changed their priorities and attitudes in ways that have turned out to be a net negative. A net negative for society, for the men in their lives, for their children, and for themselves. They've traded in being classy for being crass. Foul mouthed, confrontational women are held up as role models and glorified as being "strong" and "independent", when all they really are is insufferable and self centered. What makes it worse is that deep down they are miserable and they know it. The road women are on now leads to nothing but loneliness and pain.

  12. Well, I have to admit you surprised me. I didnt expect you to double down on the damseling. First time I've seen it done on such a grand scale too. But you went right for the neckbeard card at the end, so yeah... you just got "Deadpooled". Still unable to accept that this is a rational and well thought out position from a perfectly well balanced, intelligent, emotionally mature, and successful man with a wife and kids. Couldn't possibly be... he has to be a MGTOW, or a virgin, or he hates women.

  13. How about everybody needs to be taught this and not only boys? How about girls too?

  14. You've apparently missed the last 40 years of "Girl power", "Girls rule the world", "Girls can do anything!", "You can have it all", and basically being told that they're all princesses and any guy would be lucky if they honored him with their presence.

  15. So in other words, Facebook will be slapping that warning on anything two degrees to the right of Bernie Sanders.

  16. Women suggesting an open relationship = "I'd like your permission to be a whore."

  17. Oh gee, another "study" saying that all Trump supporters are racist. Color me shocked.

  18. Regardless of what this particular study says all Trump supporters are racist. That is just a simple political fact. You support someone whose political goals are to marginalize entire races of people, you are a racist.

  19. Funny how with leftists their opinions become "facts". How convenient. Must be nice to never have to entertain the idea that you might be wrong.

  20. That "abusive" foster homes are extremely rare. Damn near a myth at least in my state (US). I'm a foster parent and know dozens of others. Every single one of these people treat foster children as their own and would give their lives for them without hesitation.

  21. But I just found out that I'm literally 100% white according to a DNA test and I'm not a white nationalist. What does it all mean?

  22. An all powerful god. its a paradox because can he create something he himself cannot do? For example. can god create a stone so heavy he can not lift it. If he can then theres something he cant do so hes not all powerful. If he cant then thats something he cant do so then he is not all powerful.

  23. And to really bake your noodle... remember that he is timeless and omnipresent. So for him everywhere is here and every time is now. He is all things at all times.

  24. I'm not going to vote unpopular on this, but I am going to try to be the voice of balance.

  25. In other earth shattering news... mechanics discover that having the parts of an engine bolted together is as important as having well functioning parts.

  26. I'm hoping you meant "upgrade". I dont want any more damn updates. Every one of them has made my system run slower and encounter more errors!

  27. I he/she were just robbing me, I'd simply tie them up naked and put them on the front porch before calling the police.

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