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  1. It's such a horrible shit post lol it's just the fact that it has "72" on it.

  2. And then there's no going back after that. You will chase the white stuff forever. It will consume most of your waking thought. Your relationships will suffer, your work and school life will suddenly start tanking.

  3. While this comment is true, if u live in the Bay Area, at least a couples years ago when TXR was open and ashkanaz still had dead night, you’d never go to sleep…

  4. Dude, the Bay Area particularly SF has a surprisingly disappointing Dead scene. Like I know there are a ton of heads there but I don't think there are any regularly perform local Dead bands. Like one cities have something going on every week. This is just the times I have traveled there for extended periods of times in my van. Take it with a grain of salt it's just been my experience.

  5. Yea I’d say this is a big miss. I’m in North Bay and there’s rad Dead stuff Tue/Thurs weekly at a minimum. JMFs guitarist Garrett moved to Marin and was playing for free with Paul Scannell (rad drummer) in Novato. That got moved to SR / Mill Valley. Sebastopol and Petaluma also have Dead stuff weekly along with great drum circles. East Bay into Martinez has tons of live Dead nights that I don’t even venture to often because I’m blessed with the vibrations locally. Next time you see me ⚡️

  6. Oh hell yeah!! I am glad that I was wrong. I couldn't find anything online and talking with heads in-person. Looking forward to going back and experiencing it. And maybe it was cause I was there around covid.

  7. Ohhh mama could this really be the end to be stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again

  8. That and the ticket price keep me away.. and the audience drunk singing

  9. Wow, surfing AND skiing pow? That’s brutal.

  10. I was referring to your perpetually shrinking penis

  11. I think we need some stricter posting rules in this sub

  12. Dude, they aren't promoting gear they are sharing their stoke. I don't understand how someone could have an issue with that. Don't you remember when you got your first split?!

  13. Yes. But I’m not a validation seeking child who lives for upward pointing arrows and thumbs.

  14. That is an assumption you are making about the people posting here. I don't know who you are or who OP is there is no real social incentive here due to the anonymous nature of Reddit. This isn't Facebook or Instagram. You should probably get off Reddit if it is such a trigger.

  15. That's a fuckin rip off. I just bought a full setup 2022 brand new for 725$. If you live in Canada I'd probably just be patient there should be more ads surfacing for Splitboards.

  16. Did something similar at tourmaline a few times, wasn’t too bad. Kind of like a really rough pillow fight with your uncle

  17. Hahaha that cracked me up. In my mind I was like I gotta get down and out of the way but may as well have some fun along the way.

  18. I had a boat named Stella Blue for 5 years or so. Great little vessel with hand painted name.

  19. Yea I gathered the same info from context. The question is where/when did this change happen?

  20. I've noticed an increase in that usage as well over the last 1-2 years. But asking when/ where is an impossible question. It's like an my trendy thing, it kind comes unprecedented. It's like asking where did people start saying "lowkey" or "it's been a minute" or "lit" or "fire" etc who the hell knows.. but it won't be long before we all start talking like those retards.

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