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  1. Sure does. You can set multiple reminders for an appointment. Like one the night before, and one an hour before. You can also do location based reminders with the “Reminders” app. Just tell Siri things like “remind me to (something) when I arrive/leave at (place)”. If your Address book has locations for your home, work, school, etc., it will handle these automatically. Or you can set one up by typing it in manually in the reminders and entering the address of a place.

  2. That's funny I spoke and unloaded a moab of truth. And moderators delete what I said. This Is the most one sided left leaning moderator I have ever dealt with and I have Facebook and Instagram. This moderator is very partisan and blind to the truth

  3. In Bidens America people like myself are canceled by media for speaking the truth a truth they the people of mainstream media don't agree with. Elon musk Donald Trump himself had been Jeremy Renner came under fire for admidtly speaking out against certain issues like them pushing LBGQT on children who are much to young to know this, crt and even spoke out on what Gavin Newsome was doing with his lock downs in California spoke against him allowing bars to open but not churches. Used biblical verses on live TV in an interview. He was canceled because hid views offended people he was canceled and attacked by media same with chris Pratt for there Christianity. So you can take your theory of bidens inclusion and realize it excludes. It excludes the founding principles if our country it excludes Christianity from being even a facet of influence in schools while allowing LBGQT clubs Muslim wnd middle eastern heritage clubs black African Americans heritage clubs and some schools allow occultist and Satanist clubs sooo everything except Christianity 🙄 . And yet his supporters want to preach tolerance. But want to deny the fact while they destroyed lives and cities and businesses of all ownership color race and religion non exclusive and churches in the riots they were blaming the police they were blaming Christians which is actually a very very very wrong statement they were blaming white Americans and Trump supporters. While antifa and blm burned cities killed people and destroyed national and city monuments they were blaming the people I mentioned. I will say this and not care if it offends you the churches don't hold there gatherings and services and then go out and burn buildings. They were the ones who had soup kitchens and hot free meals for people who lost there jobs due to lockdowns daycare services when young children were forced to stay home but mom and dad were "essential" workers. Biden and cronies have tried to label concerned parents at school board meetings domestic terrorist for speaking against crt and teaching LBGQT to pre k to 5th grade. I mean really and you call Trump a tyrant. In the first 60 days of bidens presidency he overturned the good Trump did by signing over 250 executive orders including the stopping of the border wall rebuild and shutting downa the United States Canada and Mexico main oil source the keystone pipeline. Which employed over 500,000 workers which included trucker oil rig workers technicians repair specialists and cyber tech and cyber security professionals and even electrical engineers. Ps I am a Christian, male,white,a truth seeker and actually give a crap about this country and what the schools are teaching our next generation. People like Biden and his constituents have tried to remove God's influence in Jesus name from every facet of this country. Starting in the 90s they have removed the pledge of aligeance from schools because to them under God should not be said 🙄 they have removed the ten commandants from state and federal offices schools and colleges have banned fca fellowship of Christian athletes. That specific program had never wronged a school by praying on the fields or holding a optional Bible study at school. I was in school a member of the fellowship of Christian athletes in both new Philadelphia and East Knox from 6th grade up to 11th grade.

  4. You really gotta stop taking Tucker Carlson straight to the vein.

  5. What kind of charges are “conspiracy to riot”? Did they have any weapons? Glad nobody was hurt, but damn those seem like limp-dick thought police ass charges to bring.

  6. These guys are bad. But so is the pride shit, it’s messing the kids up bad

  7. so does twitter and Facebook and instagram and reddit and spotify and apple and myspace and amazon and apps you dont use and apps you do use and literally every company so really why does it matter

  8. Nope. You’ll be fine. Wait a few minutes after masturbating to pee. The muscles will still be tense for a few after orgasm, it takes a few minutes for them to relax enough for you to pee. You definitely need to pee after masturbating, before going to sleep or getting on with your day, just give it 10 minutes or so.

  9. That's my biggest issue, I want to lose my virginity so bad because I'm so horny and I just want to get it over with. On the other hand, I think I should lose it to someone I actually like and want to stay with for a while. I'm nervous about having sex to because it's so vulnerable.

  10. Yeah, I agree with the other poster, that the first time being with someone you care about so it can be all butterflies and rainbows can definitely be overrated. Because the first time is usually… not awesome. It’s not bad, it’s just sort of…not graceful. Kinda meh. Also like the other poster, I was 14. No trauma, no force, completely consensual, no regrets. I knew from the first time it was going to be something I enjoy doing a lot from then on. And I have for over 40 years now (still do).

  11. Completely normal. Enjoy yourself. And it only gets better. Wait till you’re 40-50, having regular sex a few times a week, and averaging multiple private sessions a day ;-)

  12. Yes, human beings can hold genuine feelings of love, romantic love, for more than one person at a time. The existence of that feeling towards one does not indicate lack of feeling towards the other. It’s not mutually exclusive. Monogamy is by decision and agreement, and that’s fine. It’s not the result of human emotions just automatically limiting themselves when one person is currently occupying a “romantic love” position.

  13. Tequila. I know, weird choice. But it gives me the best experience. I don’t get sleepy, sloppy, moody, or even hungover (unless I just get crazy with it). It gives me a nice “definitely buzzed but still alert”. Granted, I also drink pretty good tequila.

  14. Just DON'T get into fights. When you spend time with people without him, and he gets pissy or jealous, tell him, "Honey, I'm not having this conversation with you every time I hang out with people. If you don't trust me, break up with me, but I'm tired of still going through this every single time. This behavior is controlling and manipulative and toxic. I know you're insecure because you've been cheated on before, and I'm sympathetic to that. Perhaps you should talk to a therapist about it, but I'm not going to constantly reassure you and argue with you just because I have friends and coworkers you're unreasonably jealous of. Also, I don't want you going through my phone to check up on me anymore. If you need to check up on me, then you don't trust me, and if you don't trust me, you shouldn't be with me." Then change the passcode on your phone.

  15. I don’t think it’s weird. When I’ve been asked this by men or women, I find it flattering. Unless of course the question is just being used as a pretext to hit on me. But outside of that, a stranger walking by you in public and being so taken by your smell that they feel the need to ask you what it is, it’s pretty cool.

  16. They would both increase proportional to whatever they started with. A body gaining weight is not unlike inflating a balloon. Starting with different shaped balloon gives proportionally larger and still differently shaped balloons when they’re both inflated more.

  17. It doesn’t. It can help clear the path in some ways, but so can a lot of other things that don’t cost much, or anything at all. Like leaving an unhealthy relationship, trying new things, etc.

  18. As my very sweet Indian doctor of many years would say while patting my arm, “noooo, no, do not Google. Everything make you think you are dying and that is not good. You will be fine.”

  19. I could be considered comfortably well off. I’m not tight with money, never have been, but I do live significantly below my means in terms of my house, car, etc. Almost everyone that works for me lives in a larger house than I do (with the exception of very young or entry level people). Why? Because I was happy before I was as comfortable as I am now, so I see no reason to change it. Impressing others is not something that’s ever concerned me.

  20. Because my parents are awesome. They’re awesome is individual people, and as a couple.

  21. In that analogy, it was supposed to approximate someone not liking or not thinking a trans person’s gender expression suits them.

  22. I don’t think he actually thinks you’re lying. It’s just a convenient excuse for him to act like you’ve wronged him somehow, which has the beneficial (to him) effect of keeping you focused on “proving” yourself, trying to tend to his mood, or extra show how much you “care” (since a fundamental part of his accusations are that you don’t care about what he wants). It’s classic passive-aggressive manipulative bullshit.

  23. Go with number 1. Give this all the room in the world to sort itself out sooner rather than later. Number 2 would be expected from the friend crowd, but it’s only prolonging the stay in purgatory by hindering her. Number 1 “let’s the chips fall where they may” and allows you to sooner get back to your marriage or get on with your life.

  24. Go with number 1. Give this all the room in the world to sort itself out sooner rather than later. Number 2 would be expected from the friend crowd, but it’s only prolonging the stay in purgatory by hindering her. Number 1 “let’s the chips fall where they may” and allows you to sooner get back to your marriage or get on with your life.

  25. The written account of the stories she crafted for her therapists prove absolutely nothing. Furthermore, this idea didn’t just occur to her. I guarantee she suggested it to her lawyers and they, for good reason, said “oh definitely not“.

  26. First of all.. it's never okay to hit an animal, especially one that's Injured. I would walk away from any man who did that to my cat. No hesitation.

  27. I agree that having time to think and then coming back to beat the cat makes it SO MUCH worse.

  28. Wasn’t it a big deal when Maverick made Mach 9 by himself in a film?

  29. It was. But it’s the acceleration, the change in velocity, that’s the big deal, not the sustained rate of travel.

  30. About half the speed of russia's hypersonic missiles.

  31. And? This is a passenger plane, not a missile. The US is way ahead of Russia in hypersonic weapons systems.

  32. thank you for the advice…i could barely sleep ln just thinking about this…i really want it to work out. And lately we been spending more time together and he says he can see us being together like its a possibility. i want to keep holding on bc i love him but i also want to move on so badly bc it hurts and i dont want to keep waiting. i know i seem naïve but its feels so hard bc theres feelings involved.

  33. Move on. He’s telling you very clearly that what you want is not what he wants. Listen to that. Don’t waste your 20s waiting around on this guy. Seriously, move on. And hey, you’re not exclusive anyway, right? So you don’t even have to break up with him to move on. Just start expanding your horizons and dating other people. Be less available to his every beck and call. Get all of your eggs out of his one basket. Because that’s what he’s doing with you.

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