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  1. tl;dr Credits: somewhat. Training: not much.

  2. Take your actor hat off and put your Agent/Manager/Casting Director hat on. What information are you communicating to them? They are unlikely to comb through every single item you've listed on your resume or in your training.

  3. the movie in 1984 where the refugees were getting gunned down. If the sole metric for “teachable” is traumatizing fucked up things then we should show kids gore compilations on liveleak

  4. OPs question wasn't "Does Shakespeare have artistic merit" I would assume OP would assent that he does. The question was, "Is the content covered in Shakespeare developmentally appropriate."

  5. Shakespeare is full of REALLY explicit content. There's some gnarly sex jokes (see Sir Toby and Sir Andrew making jokes about housewives with Syphilis in Twelfth Night), some absolutely gross violence and gore (see Macduff carrying Macbeth's severed head onstage), rape scenes (Titus Andronicus), Misogyny (Taming of the Shrew) etc.

  6. I don't think there is an argument for a difference between Naturalism and Realism in acting. I think those are distinctions that can only exist in the genre of play (and they are minor nuances in most instances). As an actor, you would approach both kinds of plays identically.

  7. Ironically, deflated tires might help this guy out. 4-wheelers (the kind who take their trucks over rocks and stuff - ya know. Actual off-roading) will partially deflate their tires for better traction

  8. It's available for purchase on the publisher's website - Concord Theatricals.

  9. If you are a 26 year old who can believably play 16 and you will be going in for 18 (TPY - To Play Younger) roles, then you submit for the young adults department.

  10. People in California absolutely want reliable, convenient, and safe public transit.

  11. Yo dawg, I heard you wanted an agent, so I got you an agent for your agent.

  12. Use spotify. If the companies livelihood depends on the success of that singular platform then you are pretty well assured itll work well and be worth paying for....usually.

  13. Don't use Spotify. Use Tidal. Better music quality and they pay better to artists.

  14. People should use whatever they like, I agree. But that choice shouldn't be based on ignorance of the other options.

  15. Doesn't New York require job listings to list salary ranges? Go check the job boards.

  16. Why does it depend on how technical the product is? Is being a CSM for AWS or Azure different from other products, for example?

  17. It also definitely depends on the kind of relationships your organization is expecting you to build with the clients. Most of my work as a CSM has come with an expectation of being an expert in the tool and being able to have high level strategy discussions on how to get the most out of a subscription. In my current position (automation testing) that essentially means that I have to have developer level JavaScript skills - in something like that, organizations understand that they have to hire people with pre-established skills and they are willing to pay a little more.

  18. "Off-Broadway" is a category of contract through Actors Equity

  19. That is AEA's definition of Off-Broadway, which kinda seems like the only one that matters, given that they coined the term.

  20. When it can live outside the mother's body. By most medical standards, viability is about 23-24 weeks depending on several physiological factors.

  21. Alternately "viability of life outside the womb" is also ambiguous. A human child cannot live unassisted for many many years - there are a lot of pro-choice arguments I could use to justify infanticide.

  22. A baby cannot live outside the mother's body at 24 weeks without the mother (or other human being) physically keeping them alive. Viability outside of the womb is an arbitrary standard at best for personhood.

  23. How many jobs have you booked in the last 6 months that would have required you to get a shift covered at this job?

  24. Or if not handle it, at least be able to make suggestions.

  25. Do it well - that's not done very often.

  26. The Broadway revival with Craig and Negga - this one was all over the place, definitely emphasizing mood and aesthetic over clarity in the language. Both actors are infinitely capable, so I've got to assume the director pulled them away from clarity in their language.

  27. If the film was in Arabic I would not necessarily expect the actor to speak Arabic with an English accent. I would be fine if the actors spoke Arabic with an unmarked Arabic accent while portraying Abraham Lincoln.

  28. It doesn't have to be 11th century Scots. But they are Scottish characters, so ... Scottish accents.

  29. You're certainly entitled to your opinion - and I think wondering if effective modern Scottish accents would help the storytelling is a perfectly valid question to ask. But to say that the American accents used were offensive is a huge stretch.

  30. My understanding of this was always that Malcolm had run away to England to hide and was bringing some English style governance to the land when he came back.

  31. The plot to 39 Steps is the same as the movie. So, if you are asking what the plot was, just check the

  32. Read the FAQ in the sidebar of the sub. Question 3 addresses this.

  33. "Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine [...] and is based on several pseudoscientific ideas."

  34. Calling it pseudoscience isn't quite fair. It's definitely alternative medicine (and

  35. Aight, I tried really hard to have a good faith discussion - but I'm out. Best of luck to you.

  36. They've been in the business as long as they've been able to remember a line. Do you have that many years of training or experience yet? I'm guessing no. That doesn't mean you get famous after X years, but it's important to remember that many young adults have been in the industry for years prior to becoming 'famous'.

  37. Sadie Sink was born in 2002. She worked in community theatre until 2012. She didn't properly enter the industry until 2012 (big regional theatre production at TUTS). Within 3 years of her professional debut, she was on Broadway and had a major recurring role in a TV series.

  38. Sadie her parents were highschool teachers in a small town somewhere in Texas.😃 Millie Bobby brown’s family went almost bankrupt. Kiawentiio got her first audition for a Netflix series (Anne with an E) and immediately got it. Now she is gonna star In one of the most biggest show, avatar the last airbender, as Katara. Some are lucky, some need to work a tad harder. It is what it is. I’m just here to help you.

  39. I honor the spirit of this comment, but these are not accurate representations of the origins of these actors. It's VERY important to not mythologize and buy into the "hard work will get you all the way" narrative that these push. Often, these actors have PR firms behind them actively pushing narratives like this to make the actors more publicly desirable.

  40. Haha what? It’s well known that ryan murphy is an abusive asshole. I’m not gonna go look for a source on something i learned about years ago. I frankly don’t care enough to. If anyone doesn’t believe me i could not care less. They can go look it up if they have the energy.

  41. I do not follow much about celebrity gossip. It isn't known to me and google searches don't bring up anything clear (other than an article or two quoting Chris saying that he won't work with Ryan again). Sources would be appreciated for those of us who haven't followed the gossip.

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