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  2. Not only was TROS atrocious and basically almost ANYTHING would have been better, but everytime an unused concept comes to light i go: "They even had THAT as an explored option?"

  3. Just think about how they didn't even go for Rey OBVIOUSLY wielding a Double-Saber in 9. You know, because 7 showed her proficiency with a staff?!

  4. Im Alltag merke ich es gar nicht. Ich bin viel beschäftigt und denke selten daran. Mein (noch) Partner hat sich damit abgefunden. Es war für ihn Anfangs etwas schwierig, aber er meinte, er kann auch ohne Kinder leben. Sex funktioniert genau wie vorher.

  5. Zur Not: Adoptieren ist doch völlig ok. Diese romantisierte Vorstellung des eigenen Kindes, mit den eigenen Genen, halte ich für absurd.

  6. Yes. This is exactly how it clicked for me and i still recognize triads like this to this day.

  7. Disco Elysium... ...It's basically a playable Audiobook.

  8. Yeah. It's a giant asspull and is never even used again. Should not ever have been introduced. just don't have Reiners head blown like that.

  9. In Sweden the most popular language to learn is Swedish or am I seeing funny?

  10. Yes, because Sweden took in a massive amount of refugees.

  11. Think rogue one as a base, but less action and slower, with better writing, better acting, better dialogue. It's high quality and the best Star wars has ever been at being an adult scifi Drama, while also having the least star wars magic any recent SW product has had. I love it, but i can see why some casuals are turned off.

  12. Ordinary world is an absolute mindfuck

  13. How do people still misspell a 3 Letter Name in the Title of the Post.

  14. The chonkyness of the Blocks Looks really unnatural for a guitar recording. The dynamics are all over the place. We can't say anything without hearing. EQ, compression, reverb and experience. There is no easy answer.

  15. That's why most play exclusively with premades, because we don't want CoD Kiddos in our random Squad. It's also why playing with a random squads leads to more CoD Kiddos. Check the Discord. You will find people in your Timezone and age bracket.

  16. That's literally why a friend of Mine bought the Game via keyseller, because He did not want all the garbage extra orbs, but Steam only has the game packaged with them. It's stupid to sell them as DLC but It's hillariously fucking moronic to forcebundle them.

  17. His entire argument is only sensible, if he meant "couldn't care less" and simply misspoke. You pretending he meant to say "could careless" is fucking insane.

  18. Are you a troll or are you dense? This has ben explained ad nauseam to you now!

  19. Why is the format so shit? Why don't people crop their pictures before posting. Every Phone and every computer can do that with stock functions.

  20. Sorry. I misread. Uninstall mods and verify Integrity of game could Help.

  21. Every time someone asks, they have to delay it by a week.

  22. What's the matter with "stop playing"? VOID already got the money. Players come back when a game gets more playable. I've seen it on Discord. That's how people act.

  23. Offering it to supporters first gives back to supporters, ensures a more polished product comes to the general masses, and generates hype for the update.

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