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  1. Dowtin is turning 26 next season and he’s a fringe backup PG.

  2. You never know, Boucher was in a similar spot as Dowtin when he came here and he became a big bench piece for us

  3. They already know what their young guards can do theyve all had playing time. Barton is relatively new so I guess theyre seeing if chemistry can develop or not.

  4. Also our other young guards (Flynn and Dowtin) played just as much as Barton tonight, so I have no idea what OP is upset about

  5. You think Poeltl asked for him to say it that way?!

  6. He was asked if he was ok with Herbie pronouncing it that way in an open gym. Jak said yes because he knew Herbie was into it

  7. In 200 games Stutzle has 166 points - 60 on the powerplay. Laf has 84 points - 6 on the powerplay.

  8. That's just our team in general though, we have one of the best power play/penalty kill team s in the league but are still a middle of the pack team

  9. Raptors are somehow tied for the 8 seed despite legitimately being possible sellers a month ago.

  10. I was always under the impression that our FO never wanted to be sellers but if somone made a great offer they would go for it. I assumed that offer wouldn't happen.

  11. They are currently blowing it. 83 point first half and only a single digit lead right now

  12. Raptors brand of basketball is not an easy watch. U gotta be very into the game and know what is going on defensively. Our offense isnt smooth and pretty. I wouldn't be a new fan if this was the first year i saw them.

  13. For a lot of the season yeah, but in the last set of games (even a couple of the losses) I thought they were pretty fun to watch

  14. I agree personally. Its too late to get to one of the bottom positions and I trust our drafting. So the value from getting into playoffs (plus just it being fun) outweighs getting slightly better draft position IMHO.

  15. Mikal Bridges level defence, Reggie Bullock level offense, Kawhi Leonard level availability. 3 FRPs for this guy would have been nuts.

  16. If you think OGs offense is the same has Bullock you have never seen him play. He has limitations but hes averaging 10 more points on 5% better fg%.

  17. Kuzma gambled hard and lost on both of those lol. Fred did miss some wide-open ones (else we would have won in regulation), but you can’t leave a shooter like Fred chilling on the perimeter.

  18. He missed some open ones in the fourth but overall shot great last night, 6/11 from three. But honestly it was his defence that stood out yesterday, man was locking up Beal

  19. I'd say Raps have more rivalry with Detroit bc of Casey and a lot of raps fans go to their arena

  20. Weirdly enough I feel like a good portion of the raps like the Pistons (myself included). I like Dwayne Casey, its not like he wronged us or anything, and I always thought the Casey curse was more of a friendly rivalry/meme, no actual bad blood.

  21. I saw in the most recent open gym episode they asked Yak if Herbie could prounce it a certain way. From the way the clip made it sound it wasn't the correct way but Herbie thought it would be fun? Yak was cool with it though and laughed saying he knows Herbie was into it

  22. Fan base approval rating going from 7.8 to 3.1 is a much bigger swing than I would have expected given how optimistic this sub has been. But I guess this doesn’t include the post Jakob bump

  23. I'm fine with people having an opinion but their argument needs to make sense. People were using yesterdays loss as proof we can't win against good teams despite the fact that we literally beat the cavs 3/4 times this year.

  24. I wouldn't be surprised if Siakam is here for the long run. He could get another big extension and he seems happy here. Don't think the front office has ever been inclined to trade him.

  25. It was 100% FVV last year but he rarely takes deep threes now. Probably because he had a really poor stretch of shooting to start the season so he wasn't confident in trying them.

  26. For whatever reason Scottie turns it way up in the fourth. Any time you think he is having a rough game he goes off near the end.

  27. Scottie Barnes has dunked like this a few times before and every time it doesn’t look like he’s actually about to throw it down lmao

  28. For real, always looks like its going to be a hook shot (which he does often) and then his arm just keeps extending lol

  29. I would like to point out that in regards to the KD trade, the discussion was who was valuable not neccecarily better, as they are both younger than Mikal and Cam. That being said, I am biased but I think the duo of Og and Gtj is better as well but it is close

  30. How about the guy that with 28 seconds left in game 6 of an NBA Finals while up 1 already hit a bucket like this to basically seal a championship?

  31. Leafs tanking is different. Their fans will pay whatever ridiculous price tickets are regardless of the product in front of them

  32. You don't think the raps would too? The ticket prices are sky high for a reason

  33. After seeing that three point shot he hit in the G League the other day I can picture him as our young Serge and Poeltl as that high post passing Big like Gasol.

  34. Koloko had one of the top 3p% in the combine, I know it doesn't mean much but I think his shooting can develop

  35. Isn’t he a free agent after this season? Couldn’t we still go for him?

  36. I'm obiously biased but I really doubt he doesn't sign with us. He is good friends with Siakam and I don't think he ever wanted to leave in the first place. Plus his initial press conference he basically said the idea of the trade was that this would be a long term thing

  37. Raptor may actually make a run in this playoff.

  38. Won 5 of the last 6 and something like 8 of the last 12. Wasn't a super hard schedule but considering we've been missing Og (and Gary tonight) it's been a good stretch.

  39. Yeah that would've been hood, if we did though we would have had to give up a lot more I think. Only reason we gave up a single pick is we waited this long to pull the trigger

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