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20f single mom with 2 kids already. I clean houses for a living. Virtually no friends yet I believe I’ll have a big enough fan base to be a successful music artist/singer one day. Absolutely wreck me.

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  1. The parents of this child this poor child are guilty of abuse there's no such thing as an 8-year-old trans person

  2. I was 8 years old when I was 8 years old. I was trans, too, even if I'd tried to bury that to avoid bullying.

  3. There's no such thing as an 8-year-old transgendered person parents are sick

  4. I've been working on Laerakond. Also called returned abeir. Been working about 18 months on it. Full history with maps, demographics, politics, religion, etc.

  5. Loki & Moon Knight we’re great shows. Dr Strange 2 was messy but had a ton of worthwhile elements, and Shang Chi was just awesome in general.

  6. Ticket sales and viewership numbers don't agree with you. But to each their own

  7. You think I give shit about the numbers for even a second? And Shang Chi did well. What you talking about?

  8. I totally agree... but I'm wondering if the judge is just letting people have their say in order to avoid them coming back saying she stood in the way and was obstructive.

  9. Actually no. And no mis trial due to poor representation either in civil court

  10. If Texas doesn't win more than eight games this season I think there's a very good chance that Steve sarkinson is fired. And if that happens there is going to be a massive Exodus of recruits possibly even including Mr Manning himself

  11. He'll at least get a third year, especially with Arch planning on joining in 2023.

  12. and they'll vote for trump again by the same margin.

  13. Don't be so sure. If history has taught us anything, it's that American voters don't always go the direction we think they will. Certain issues permeate through party line stances. Abortion is one of these issues. The electorate is getting younger and the conservative base has been shrinking for years. I believe dems hold the house by the slightest of margins and they actually gain a seat or 2 in the senate. It's going to be interesting to see for sure.

  14. I feel like American society was so much more beneficial and better to everyone around us when we only watch the 6:00 evening news for 30 minutes and everybody watched the same news so everybody was informed the same

  15. Out of pure and sheer morbid curiosity why would any black person want to live in texas?

  16. Mmmmmmm bacon wrapped chicken simmering in beef broth! Mmmmmmmmmm

  17. Jimbo don't care he getting paid $9 million a year to win eight games

  18. Yes, we know you cuckservatives hate democracy, you can stop proving it

  19. I've never voted conservative my entire 43 years yo. Dems lie to you with hope, repubs lie to you with fear. FYI, they're both lying.

  20. Can you say all that without saying “Woke” like Josh Hawley? Because that detracts from your argument In a major way.

  21. It was the Romans that got a hold of it. They made it their state religion, but of course Rome wasn't about to adapt to fit Christian morals. It went the other way around and Christianity became a corrupted tool of imperialism and violence.

  22. The Roman Empire was also the beginnings of the Eastern Orthodox Church. In fact, a number of edicts and holy councils, which standardized doctrine and dogma throughout the whole of Christendom, were delivered and held in the eastern Roman Empire.

  23. For it to be a true pentagram the two points have to be North signifying the goat horns with one point facing north it's not a true pentagram it's just a five-point star then

  24. Bowers had 938 yds and 14 td's as a true freshman. If he even does just slightly better, he will get Heisman talk

  25. No matter how hard they try, I continue to have zer9 interest in this trashcan

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