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  1. I don't get this article, children can't sit in emergency exit rows, so how will moving the lady allow the family to sit together?

  2. Sometimes those with teenagers will try and kick you out of an emergency exit row.

  3. The article describes them as "two young children". I can't think of a plane seating configuration where the scenario described works. I think the author has embellished the situation.

  4. “Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be beaten.”

  5. I’ve not heard of the two flankers before so interested to see how they go. Also this TBC fellow at prop!

  6. I assume we are waiting for Bomber Hislop's citing, keeping it as TBC to show we intend to play him so that we can use a friendly as a week of the ban

  7. Not the first time we’ve let an error by the ref or TMO cost us the match

  8. Exeter's loss to Quins means that 2 league points would now secure us a home semifinal, as best anyone else can get is 64 points and 12 wins.

  9. You probably did pay enough that year without realising. Have you kept your payslips?

  10. I love admin, but if people are keeping pay slips from their day jobs at 15 then I think that counts as hoarding!

  11. I imagine the fixture will still be fulfilled, albeit with a weakened Welsh side/potentially an academy or U20 side. It would cost the WRU too much to not have a game of any form I predict.

  12. Didn’t wasps put out a tweet saying that there were no agreements of the sort?

  13. This is a farce, even the BBC reported the move as confirmed and their fact checking is better than mine!

  14. We should raise a complaint to wasps management that they clearly don’t know what’s going on eh? They will agree damnit

  15. Someone is lying, guess we have to wait to find out who!

  16. Just knew Brown was going to score and celebrate like he’s won the World Cup. Fair play to go though, deserved it.

  17. Literally had money on Brown to score a try, was 100% guaranteed

  18. It’s finished now, this season is the first with it fully open

  19. And Exeter game was the first we could have it full, issues with the approvals due to the hangover from the pandemic

  20. Gonna bet on a red card, with both Brown and Ashton vs Saracens some shithousing will go down

  21. If you could design a game and teams for shithousing, this would be pretty much be it

  22. I'm sure Aled Davies is a lovely bloke but I can't see why he is starting over van Zyl when his last appearance at Welford Road saw a pointless penalty that cost us the game

  23. That should’ve been a pen to us anyway! Agree it’s a bit weird, maybe Van Zyl is carrying a knock or they want some quality on a bench that is otherwise lacking in experience.

  24. Coaches did the same away to Gloucester and home to Bristol, and while we won both it didn't do my heart any good!

  25. I‘d love to see a US version if that show…

  26. Gonna be a bunch of international copies, every country has enough stacked gym bros and sisters to make a series or five.

  27. I've no idea why they didn't just relocate to the south coast. Oodles of rugby fans and no rugby team whilst still near London. Instead, they've relocated (twice) to a place already saturated with rugby sides that's nowhere near London. Lunacy really

  28. Then perhaps its worth the gamble to do this and take their time? Clearly they're not focused on drawing crowds immediately if they're willingly dropping to this level. If they build a better, more sustainable product then people will come back eventually.

  29. But who supports this new team? They are pissing off both Worcester and Stourbridge fans, who else in the local area likes rugby enough to support a new team in level 5?

  30. Exactly. Just needed that extra family member involved in professional rugby to get him there

  31. Correct, we wanted easy access accounts in case emergencies, premium bonds for the chance to win cash prizes, which we do win, and Investment ISA to help their money grow.

  32. Just to highlight a potential risk with premium bonds, I'm a twin and my parents set us up both Premium Bond accounts with christening money when we were babies. Over the next 20 years I proceeded to out-win my sister by almost 2:1, as winning were re-invested this advantage got baked in.

  33. Easy to rebalance, but a good shout!

  34. I kept waiting for her to win big - then I'd have offered to rebalance!

  35. Fuck that’s a terrible looking injury. Feels like this could be curtains for Dunc. So sad how his career has been so blighted by injury

  36. Knee completely went. Couldn’t put any weight whatsoever on it

  37. Unfortunately I never saw a Chesney play. He looked like a complete nutter judging by his appearance when he watched Goodey’s record breaking match!

  38. Let's just say he'd see a lot of the citing commissioner these days!

  39. Absolute legend! Let’s hope his captaincy goes a bit better than last time 😂

  40. 6 out of our pack, possibly we get Christie back for some weeks. Need the young boys to step up. Not sure what we’ll be doing at lock.

  41. We do have time to prep for this, after this weekend we have Bristol at home on January 28th with Riccioni, Christie, Maitland, Tompkins all available.

  42. I think during the six nations we are actually going to end up with a back row of Wray, Dan and Wollstonecroft

  43. We still have Billy, so it'll be Dan at 6, Wray at 7, Vunipola at 8

  44. I’ve not seen any news on Wray’s injury, wouldn’t be a shock to see Stonham or Knight stepping up.

  45. We'll keep Christie for the Bristol game, and then Tigers is 19th Feb, so plenty of time for knocks to heal.

  46. Right now suspect it would just be an Anglo-French affair. If thing go well maybe a decade (as an entirely unsubstantiated gut feeling guess).

  47. I tried lobbying Saracens to set up a pre-season game with Toulouse as the respective champions last year but with the World Cup it was always unlikely!

  48. I like the guy who tries to say Welford Road is the exception to needing this and that Liam Evans should go there before he gets told that Liam played for Tigers for 6 years

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