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Nick Castellanos hits a homer as the Phillies announcer talks about those who have lost their lives in service

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. Because he was a top 5/10 QB by pretty much every measure last season

  2. I absolutely agree, but it seems he hadnt been seen as one until well into the off-season.

  3. It is fairly historical, with a slight bend against Germany. Because the USSR doesn't actually invade, Poland can just defend from one direction (while by the time the Soviets invaded IRL, Poland was already dead, they were the last nail in the coffin, snuffing out any chance of Poland holding). The Netherlands have a more defendable area than Belgium, who essentially serve as Germany's speedbump.

  4. I'd probably also tack on that our religion is College Basketball, for Indiana it's HS Basketball.

  5. We've given Baltimore some great QB production. 2 Superbowl winning QBs and Lamar Jackson.

  6. I didn't know Johnny Unitas went to Louisville, thanks for that.

  7. I love seeing people with stolen street signs, traffic lights, shopping carts, just sitting in their homes. I don't know why it's just hilarious to me. I hope it's hanging on some random guys wall in his bedroom.

  8. Someone in my College's Marching Band stole a sign from the parking lot that said "Immediately". We actually stole a few, but one in particular went to every game that guy's tenure. He eventually became drum major.

  9. Jim Zorn's fake field goal attempt against the Giants.

  10. That's why I don't say the Colt's version is the worst play ever for that reason. Washington showed it and then did it again after a time out, it was absolutely deliberate. The Colts didn't intend to run a play, just catch the Pats with 12 or someone jump or something, taking the delay of game and punting.

  11. The Cardinal series. The teams who have bird mascots play a round robin, and the winner plays Stanford to see if Cardinal should be birds or a color.

  12. The Drew Carey cup between Akron (birth area) and Kent State (attended college).

  13. In the Brown's Stadium. Before the game they play his introduction to the New Browns.

  14. Alternating blue and orange stripes

  15. I’d prefer the whole field be checkerboard. Similar to Tennessee’s end zone but whole field

  16. He will soon be spotted at all upcoming Buffalo Bills games while being shirtless regardless of the weather.

  17. Holocaust? No that will make Nazis happy! Ignoring EU4 "Culture Conversion", Hoi4's "Bulgarian Reintegration", and Stelaris's literal genocide. Also don't most Neo-Nazis deny the Holocaust?

  18. It would be the wrong call for 31 other teams. This is not a "Brady gets all the calls" comment.

  19. I wonder if the USFL will take some steam away from the normal "Worst NFL team vs Best College team" conversation.

  20. Sorry, but have you forgotten the Mo Lewis hit on Drew Bledsoe?

  21. I'm surprised that I'm not seeing "(Other team) paid the refs in (big game we barely lost and had some questionable referee decisions that went against us)".

  22. So when UCLA mascot dies he will say "Dear me, I think I'm becoming a god" before taking one final massive liquid shit?

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