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  1. Sorry, but constitutional rights are zero sum, reasonable restrictions are a perversion of justice - if you’re too dangerous to own a gun, you’re too dangerous to be in society at all, unless you’re perhaps so disabled that you couldn’t acquire or operate a weapon somehow.

  2. I don't agree with you and we'll leave it at that. You don't have to like me but that's pretty fucking unreasonable considering I've done nothing to warrant it. But whatever makes you happy.

  3. I consider you something of a traitor. Not a personal judgement, and happy to get along with you, but when you live in a state that uses domestic violence victim status to completely disarm people, and uses red flag laws to police thought crime, I’m not sure how any reasonable person can come to the conclusion that those government abuses are justifiable “if they save just one life.” Seems pretty short-sighted to me, but you’re entitled to your opinion.

  4. I'm as pro-gun as they come and this is a fucking terrible idea. ERPOs, extreme risk protection orders as they're called in NY(red flag laws everywhere else), are one of our most used tools when trying to prevent people who shouldn't have guns from keeping or buying them. I can't imagine some of the people that we've arrested who then get out and are allowed to keep their guns. It's unconscionable.

  5. I would love to watch more of AMC+ but casting their app from my phone to my TV is one of the most awful TV watching experiences I've ever had. Once they put AMC+ on Android TV, where every single other streaming service has an app, I'll be happy to watch them more.

  6. 9/26 going on my first Disney cruise with my fiancée and my best friend and his wife on the Disney Dream. Been on a couple Carnival cruises in the past so I'm looking forward to the step up.

  7. DMV workers. The only place that makes the most byzantine rules and procedures and then have the audacity to treat you like shit when you don't understand them.

  8. End of the end of the day, big numbers in revenue don't mean much if you aren't actually making a profit on those sales.

  9. Sure, but to COMPLETELY wind-down and remove yourself from selling GPUs? That doesn't make good business sense to me. That leads me to believe something else is going on.

  10. Towards the end of the video they did say that family time is playing into the equation here, but it still doesn't make sense when you have all that manufacturing ability and engineering talent ready to make GPUs, just appoint someone to be in control.

  11. GN makes a good point about, at a certain point, wouldn't the livelihood of your employees take priority? EVGA has always been run very well, aside from getting burned a couple of times. This decision is just perplexing to me.

  12. Very rarely we get mandated. Most people just take the OT when it's available.

  13. "Minimum Qualifications: APCO PST1; NG911 required, APCO EMD required; Excellent oral and written communication skills; High School graduate or GED; Public safety dispatching experience preferred; working knowledge of computer aided dispatch and radio operations;" From gov website A bunch of other positions require previous experience

  14. Apply for it anyway. Don't pay to go through the certs. The worst they can do is not call you.

  15. Okay, that makes sense. Where I am, it seems like they generally require you to get the certifications beforehand(eg. CJIS, EMD, etc.)

  16. Go somewhere else. If agencies want you, they'll train you and provide you a means to get any certification you need.

  17. Only if they don't follow her way of doing email campaigns. I swear to god I've unsubbed from her mailing list fifteen times and I still keep getting emailed by her campaign.

  18. Yeah but it’s not like most of those issues will change or are more favorable with people like Hochul? She’s obviously not better for economics/inflation, abortion isn’t going to change drastically in NY regardless of who gets in, and even those on the left seem to agree that crime is being wildly mishandled by those currently in power. So it’s not like they have to be a single issue voter in order to vote her out

  19. Even so, look at her competition. Lee Zeldin: Pro-life and on the prowl to take away New Yorker's right to an abortion. Then there's a possible Trump 2024 run that they have to worry about.

  20. “Moderate” Democrats are socialists. Liberal Democrats are communists

  21. Social media is the future, whether they like it or not. Just don't spread misinformation and you're golden.

  22. Most studies I've seen tend to skew female, My dept is 70% male, however.

  23. When it's all said and done I would much rather these guns be turned in. They're clearly not being kept by people who care much about them and that's not how we, as responsible firearms owners, should want those firearms kept.

  24. WW2304 Vampire Storytellers Handbook, WW2803 Constantinople by Night, and WW2900 Kindred of the East sold to

  25. Hello OP! Unfortunately I've had to remove this because we only allow official accessories of products to be listed here. Try posting this in

  26. From what I can tell by googling this seems to be involving some kind of Medicaid scheme. As per our new rules, for a post to be allowed here it needs to be both about New York AND guns.

  27. So I can't call someone an idiot but I can say anyone who has X opinion is an idiot?

  28. That's going to be a distinction without a difference to us. Attack the argument, not the person.

  29. Do not spread election misinformation here or you will be permabanned.

  30. Yea in a third person game 100%, but in cyberpunk you can only see your hands 99% of the time.

  31. You can see what clothes you are wearing anytime you want. So achieving a certain visual is pretty important to a lot of people.

  32. It was a bummer being introduced to MaxTac in one of the intro missions and then they never really came up again for the rest of the game. I expected a mission where they would show up guns blazing and we'd have a show-down.

  33. How is this a personal agenda? Are you illiterate, dense, or actually intellectually disabled? If you're intellectually disabled, I apologize as I don't mean to be rude. But, when you live in a state that directly defies the constitution of the US without repercussions and it takes literal fucking decades for anything to happen, other legal avenues should be at least discussed. I understand you probably think the constitution was written by white misogynistic racist homophobes, whatever thats your belief. But when you look at the political climate of the world at the time, the founders of this country were pretty fucking progressive and the constitution was literally made to prevent assholes like you and Kathy hochul from taking inalienable rights from people. I'm Hispanic, my family comes from a communist country. You think its better there? You're fucking crazy

  34. He's essentially right: This post is off-topic. Please do not create standalone posts about your subreddit in the future. If people ask about it in the comments you're free to link to it, however.

  35. I'm removing this because it's off-topic. For a post to be valid here it has to be about New York AND guns.

  36. We just updated our EMS territories after a volunteer ambulance corps disbanded and it's rough. I've gotten so used to sending specific ALS units with BLS units that it's muscle memory at this point.

  37. You would probably have more success posting in

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