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  1. Francesco francavilla for me. Give its more of a noir feeling. Maybe for detective comics or tales of the dark knight.

  2. I love Pepper Plant! You can order it on line. It was originally from San Luis Obispo before a Gilroy company bought them out.

  3. How do I get team rocket edition? I’ve been trying to add it but it’s not playable. Running garlicOS

  4. Dumb question but will downloading this and placing in second and card where I already downloaded original tiny best set erase my saves?

  5. Is that my classic “foam from the box it came in” mod? 😂

  6. As someone that has Snapchat+ I can say that this AI Bot is a new feature just added this month. It’s a bunch of little extra customizations. Sure the bot is cool but the majority of people that I’ve spoken to that have it only have it for the different app icons, chat backgrounds and notification sounds.

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