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The American Section at my local Supervalu, Ireland

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  1. It's kinda crazy how we have no puttputt anymore.

  2. Some redditor on here yesterday was willing to die on that hill.

  3. I pray there’s something on earth that can save us from ourselves, more now than ever.

  4. I Agree. A cop scared the shit out of me the other morning when he ran a red light and almost hit me. It wasn’t an accident, he just got tired of waiting on the light and decided to go. I respect them and I know they put their lives on the line but they’re not above the law.

  5. My condolences. Hopefully insurance will cover replacement cost. Some insurance companies don’t want to pay too much for older cars. I had a 91 Land Cruiser with an ARB bumper and winch. I would have had to pay a lot more than what’s considered reasonable (in my opinion) to have it insured for full replacement $.

  6. Lol…my fridge looks like that during the spring and summer when my chickens are at their peak laying time. However fall and winter we’re only getting maybe 18 eggs a week.

  7. Got siked out of my mind yesterday when I found 4 eggs in the coop. Was beginning to think my chickens were broken.

  8. That’s my typical fast food experience these days. Most places are understaffed and overwhelmed. I try to bring my lunch every day. Cheaper and healthier most of the time.

  9. I was excited to get our membership so I could buy cheaper gas on the way home while going South on the Parkway. Guess I hadn’t ever noticed the lines of cars waiting in line before. We’ve had the membership for almost a year now and I can’t remember using it once.

  10. I don’t understand why so many people are complaining about bad weather forecasting. We were warned about the extremely low temperatures days in advance. My WAFF app was forecasting snow for Monday and it happened. I guess some people need to be reminded that snow sticks and freezes on the roads when it hasn’t been over 20 degrees for 2 days.

  11. Yes. It’s called EIFS. Exterior Insulation Finishing System. It gets covered with cement and becomes a type of stucco. Also called dryvit.

  12. I thought though this stuff had gone the way of masonite. Lawsuits, failing inspections, gone to the wayside…

  13. I'm German, but we could meet behind an ALDI

  14. It’s the medias job to discredit crypto by any means necessary

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