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  1. I use API bettafix, worked well for my betta. It’s a 7 day treatment. I recommend putting him in a separate tank, a hospital tank with no filter running unless you have a sponge filter. You put in 1/2 tsp for every gallon and treat daily. After the 7 days do a full water change/put him back in his original tank. (That’s why I recommend a different tank so you don’t have to do a full water change and mess up the parameters. I used his tank water to fill the hospital tank as well, did this when the weekly 25% water change was due on his original tank) You can repeat treatment if necessary. With mine, he has yellow fins and the tips were red where the rot was so it was easy for me to tell that it was gone. His fins grew back after :)

  2. Bettafix can do more harm than good. It can work, but it also inhibits respiration.

  3. Earlier today someone in the comments told me, I didn't know till reading that

  4. Thanks for the reply! Just new player worries I guess, game has been out for so long and others have been playing for 10+ years so want to be able to jump into the community and have an awesome time that I’ve been missing all these years

  5. I started about a year ago and haven’t had any issues about not knowing things a vet would know… it’s mostly relevant current content.

  6. Our menu is pretty easy honestly, we removed like 30% of the menu or more when COVID started but in terms of pure volume/amount of ingredients I'd say a Double Bacon Deluxe Quarter Pounder W/ Cheese would be the worst, or literally any of the McCafe drinks aside from hot or iced coffee. They all require so many ingredients and steps. And I've never used ingredients from another restaurant but I've brought my own ingredients in before (pickled jalapenos & white cheddar on a fresh McChicken is 🔥)

  7. As a TB employee I’m just thankful we don’t even sell coffee after lunch at my store. I fucking hate making coffee, it takes SO long.

  8. I learned yesterday that TB coffee sux so bad. Only flavored creamer? Yikes.

  9. Right? It doesn’t make any sense. It’s not even good.

  10. You don't listen to electronic music, I guess? The "standard" progression there is i-bVII-bVI, looped over.

  11. I'm not talking about major tonic and I honestly can't understand why you thought this would be a good comment. I rarely care to downvote anything ever, but you really deserve it.

  12. …where did anyone mention that cadence? OP said MAJOR I, you said MINOR. There is a difference.

  13. Oddly, the first bit isn't the case with many mammals, at least until very late in the pregnancy. Human pregnancy is done on hard mode.

  14. Isn’t a lot of the reason because we aren’t built like other mammals, and have evolved to do human stuff instead of moving like animals?

  15. I wish they would put “damage taken” on the scoreboard.

  16. This seriously needs to be a thing. If we have a hanzo taking twice as much damage as, say, a doomfist or something, he’s obviously got issues.

  17. If I have ZM unlocked on horde do I have it unlocked on alliance

  18. Holy shit, the 12 pack at my store is $5.99. Everything here is way too expensive.

  19. Ahhh. Makes sense. I figured it was some drapery or curtains of some kind. It’s crazy how even just a tiny sliver of a ray will cause so much growth

  20. That’s the whole dealer game. They add about $20k onto it and try to steal as much money from you in the back end using financing, buying from a dealership in this day and age is next level stupid.

  21. Serious question though…. Where are you supposed to buy new from?

  22. I honestly have no idea how people afford new cars I only buy used from individuals I’ll never buy through a dealer.

  23. In my opinion buying the 233s is worth it on a fresh character. That will put you at a considerable advantage against someone who doesn’t, and otherwise maybe has lower gear. It shouldn’t cost more than 10k?

  24. Could you link me? Idk my best friend just stared at his screen for years so I’m pretty sure I can guess what it’ll be like but yeah I’m interested

  25. Obviously pvp. It scales way higher. Plus the stat weights are different. Rings and whatnot will have a LOT more vers than PVE rings for example.

  26. even tho i have 240 gear from mythic, pvp will still be better choise?

  27. By far. When you’re in arenas the basic level pvp gear scales up to 260-something (262 or 265 I think?)

  28. Damn wish I could read the text under that fucking watermark

  29. You have a sort of “huh huh huh” sound in your articulations, like you’re breath pushing while articulating. It might help to try and stand more still instead of bobbing.

  30. I feel like I recognise this quote, but can't remember where is from.

  31. I do not have a lot of knowledge on plants, but I believe anubis barteri var nana is the scientific name of it. Why it would be listed twice is confusing. Only thing I notice is that anubis barteri pictures show it flowering?

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