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  1. I wonder what Dr Korana did to Dr Erik during that rotation. I doubt someone would defame their senior for no reason. Of course not justifying his actions.

  2. Appreciate you keeping the lighting constant in both pics. Great physique !

  3. Thanks for sharing. You mention that career opportunities are quite good. All I hear nowadays is that there are no more jobs in ED, and consultants have to get employment in various hospitals (usually suburban) to be 1.0 FTE. Any truth to that?

  4. If 90% of men are gross to you, that is a YOU issue.

  5. For real, he got 108k likes, there's no privacy to protect here.

  6. The original poster was Andrew Tate. Sry I had to white out his name as it's one of the sub's rules and one of my old posts was removed for not having done it.

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