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  1. I'm over here wondering why singing Bohemian Rhapsody in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt pissed off the anti Trudeau crowd so bad, not everything he's done has been good, but it's just fishing for something to rag on at this point.

  2. Somehow I question just how much experience "WaifuAdmirer" has with real, live, feeeemales.

  3. Let's not even mention the almost certainly hentai profile picture.

  4. It's disturbing just how ultra easy the game is the second time around with a fresh character. Even gilded hunter never killed me once and he rocked my shit pretty hard on my first character.

  5. Is there a point where running (not sprinting) stops consuming stamina altogether, or is that a forever thing?

  6. I've noticed it's really erratic. I can kill 20 draugr and 10 of them will have a page, and then I can go kill another 20 draugr in a different dungeon on a different day and find 1 or 2 at most.

  7. I'm sorry to keep bugging but it seems like Stances, for some reason, makes it so that my weapons don't do any damage, do you know what the deal with that is?

  8. I am sorry but I don't know what you mean, neither do I use those mods.

  9. Yes, all my weapons show 0 damage in the inventory screen and don't do any damage, but NPCs can still hurt each other. Disabling stances makes my weapons do damage again.

  10. I saw one of the "bad kids" stumble through the front door with stab wounds all over his torso and arms and walk up to the front desk and ask for an ambulance. No screaming or crying or anything.

  11. IIRC it's an Anomaly thing, but an NPC will tell you that a captured Freedomer was forced into the arena with a bloodsucker and forced to pin it down and bone it or die, which they took pictures of to say Freedomers drop trousers for mutants, but the Duty soldiers involved were found out by command and I believe were executed or kicked out of Duty.

  12. I was told in highschool that electricians were desperately needed and guarenteed work and great pay. I geared my last 2 years of highschool towards it.

  13. Insulating can actually pay pretty well in my experience, my starting pay a little over a year ago was 15 an hour.

  14. lmao, I'm Canadian. I live in New Brunswick, when I started off insulating the minimum wage was 11.75, now it's 13.75. I know other insulators that have been doing it for 10+ years and make over 20 bucks, so it is or was a trade where you do earn more with experience under your belt.

  15. I'm actually working in these buildings now, Units are a pretty good size.

  16. As someone who actually works in a school, I can say with the utmost certainty that is NOT happening here. In my region both the local hospital and the director of education put out statements a week ago begging people to mask up due to a staffing crisis.

  17. You do realize COVID won't ever BE over, right? Eventually, everyone is going to have to pull up their pants and just accept that COVID isn't going to vanish off the earth at this stage of the game.

  18. These are the same people who ban legal firearms when nearly every gun crime in Canada is committed with illegal ones smuggled into the country or possessed by someone who can't legally possess one. Even worse, they didn't even ban any of them for a halfway decent reason, they banned the ones they did because they look scary or they show up in Media all the time. Keep in mind that virtually none of the gun crimes here are even committed with rifles on top of that, so it's ultra redundant.

  19. It's not the Russian people, it's the Russian government that's the problem.

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