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  1. But is W a shape? It’s a letter more than anything. This is by far the most logical conclusion though since it is 4 lines, 3 corners. It’s really poor wording though for 1st graders since who thinks of W as a shape over squares, rectangles, etc.

  2. As a caring person, who is a responsible pool owner and grew up by the ocean, I am so furious with these dipshits. One wave, one slip, one second to grab a drink and that’s all it takes. These are babies still. Babies who need extra safety precautions. I’m really amazed lifeguards haven’t said anything.

  3. It’s sugar free whipped cream. It’s so STINKIN healthy. /s

  4. The honey wheat pretzels are amazing. I can literally demolish an entire bag in one sitting.

  5. I remember a time decades ago where it wasn't the worst thing to go to the movies. You got a bunch of people who are getting bored and quarrelsome watching TV? No problem, no planing needed, just head on down to the multiplex and for less than 10$ a head, maybe 20$ w/ snacks you could not talk to them for two hours and then have something to talk about for a half hour or so. It just worked.

  6. I remember $1 and $2 movie theaters. Usually played movies after they left the bigger theaters. Those were the days.

  7. And when she does shower it’s highly perfumed products that probably don’t help her titi health.

  8. When will this be a headline?! She’s a horrible grifter. Fake ethnicity/culture. Fake pregnancies promoting harmful bounce back bodies. It’s crazy. Hulu, Netflix, or HBO make a show about this nut.

  9. I went to David's bridal and found my dream dress for $800. But then they ordered the wrong one and refused to refund my money even though it was their mistake and could not re-order the correct version of the dress as it has been discontinued (I actually just got an email they restocked it, real slap in the face.)

  10. Question for you. Can you just try on in store and then just order online? Or do they harp you about buying in store? I’ll most likely look at DB as an option but I’ve heard similar incidents, even with other bridal stores.

  11. Insanity! Also if she’s “hiding” a $13k amazon purchase from you GAG we’ve got some major issues

  12. Wait…. That chair is over $10k? So many other things to spend that money on. Geez.

  13. I came here to say this exact same thing. She was adorable back before the dead hair and face full of Botox.

  14. She looked her age back then. She’s never going to have this youthful look again, which is sad at only 21 years old.

  15. Cookie table! It’s sort of a regional concept. Each guest brings homemade cookies, typically family favorites. Set it up on a table. It’s a neat tradition.

  16. Hip dips are normal. I wish I knew this 10-20 years ago instead of always feeling like I had a weird muffin top, that even at my thinnest existed. F off Drue with your health advice. Don’t feed lies to vulnerable people.

  17. If I believed in God I might pray for her. Cuz I feel really bad for her. She is obviously miserable and johnny boy treats her like shit and loves to display her lies and insecurities on the internet to give us fodder. I've never seen a more unsupportive, shitty husband that displays his behavior on stories for all to see. But there is no God so you better save yourself Ali!!!!!!!!!

  18. Weird. If I let my state license for work go Inactive I’d have a bunch of hoops to jump through to get it back to Active status, to legally use my credentials and treat. It’s not a simple click of a button. Maybe it is for CPM, which wouldn’t shock me.

  19. Imagine getting so drugged up that you wear your toddler’s coat outside

  20. Not only that, but paired it with poop leggings and fugly slippers! It’s a hot mess.

  21. Also agree. Took me a minute to notice, I kept scrolling past bc of the icon, tbh. I think the green theme at least is way more on par with the vibes, imo.

  22. Bring back the green! It’s a weed sub. We might not all like the color pink here, but we all enjoy green lol.

  23. Literally was thinking the same thing. But the girl did clean her fridge with toilet bowl cleaner. This girl cannot have a kid. 🫠

  24. Did she also use the toilet brush in the fridge?!?! Lol. She’s dumber than some 10 year olds I work with.

  25. Love love love it! Dress is made for you. And I vote for blue shoes. More fitting for your location plus I’m a sucker for Rifle Paper Co lol.

  26. We had a security briefing when I was hired for the job. I had previously been a kiddy pool lifeguard not ocean or bay but standing water. Two families were discussed as being barred due to the security risk they present, she was at the top of the no no list.

  27. I’m dying over this tea. And who on earth was the other family?!?!?! I know you probably can’t share but man my head is spinning with ideas lol.

  28. Still using a quilt and comforter from there that are 10-15 years old. Still in good condition except for some fading.

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