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  1. Might fall into the car stereo or DJ category, but curious if anybody has info on this. Kinda reminds me of the Danley Matterhorn.

  2. I searched for "trio som mais alto do mundo" It was the first result:

  3. Thais is in Brazil and looks like some kind of "trio elétrico", wich is a stage on a truck that drives around with the people folowing, usually used for Carnaval.

  4. I do think ADHD is a player in their family. I think maybe Abby to a small extent - more the Innattentive presentation - here its harder to see, but she seems like the poster child for the girl who never got diagnosed or suspected of ADHD as a child because she is not hyperactive. Girls with inattentive adhd are always overlooked entirely esp if they are not doing poorly in academics. Abby is often described as the good girl, but we see often in their videos that she hasn’t turned in several homeworks and parent permission slips, etc. She loves and really excels at extra credit projects that require hands on building etc. but often has low grades because she forgot to turn in homework. All classic ADHD characteristics.

  5. Inattentive ADHD is just ADD, the H stands for hyperactive.

  6. She wanted me to pretend to be a border security Officer that she has to sleep with in order to not get deported

  7. Colômbia, If we get our contestants from the FARC, PCC and Comando Vermelho no one will stand a chance.

  8. ucyd says:

    Entregar a corrida eh responsabilidade do servico, nao de um individuo.

  9. Se os motoristas não ficassem cancelando corrida pra demanda subir e o preço subir a Uber não teria que fazer isso. Os motoristas querem fazer os passageiros de otários? Agora aguentem não poder cancelar corrida. Quase perdi a hora um monte de vezes por ter ficar 10 min com motorista cancelando a viagem até um aceitar. Ontem mesmo quase perdi a sessão do cinema pq um monte de motoristas cancelaram antes de um aceitar, e sim minha nota na plataforma é alta.

  10. The Pau-Brasil tree name means "red like ember" and Brasil was named after It.

  11. If he was french depending on the time of the day he would go either way.

  12. Someone could work through him if they have a mental connection.

  13. Will still has that mental connection with the upsidedown that he was hiding last season right?

  14. It's forbidden to park on that side of the street between 22h and 6h(10pm and 6am for muricans).

  15. The cars look like theyre facing the wrong direction, maybe that’s the reason?

  16. It's forbidden to park on that side of the street between 22h and 6h(10pm and 6am for muricans).

  17. Yep, I'm in Brazil, so I would expect It to be like when COVID-19 got really bad in Europe and we knew It would eventually get that bad here, but much worse in case of a nuclear War, we would be waiting for the economy and the Society to collapse.

  18. What the fuck??? Any explanation for some of these? Especially the "pretend to be crazy" part??

  19. You pretend to be crazier than the robbers to scare then away. I explained the run from the motorcycle and the have 20 reais to give away on the other coments.

  20. "always bring $20 to give away" 100% written by two guys on a motorcycle

  21. Robbers in Brazil sometimes get angry when you dont anything to give, so it's always good to have something to give away.

  22. Olá, percebi que você esqueceu de destacar o roteiro.

  23. Tadeu e boninho no multishow com a Ana Clara, tão fazendo de tudo nesse BBB mesmo

  24. Fizeram os dois maiores crimes da dublagem, trocar dublador de personagem consagrado e chamar celebridade pra dublar, PQP

  25. Olha essa bola curva dupla do Tadeu, o cara tá mandando bem nos discursos

  26. Se o Arthur sai a casa inteira entra choque, tudo que eles acreditavam até hj não é vdd, o que será que eles fazem no jogo daqui pra frente?

  27. Litoral norte tem se popularizado fortemente nos últimos anos. Infelizmente temos que estar preparados pra sujeita contaminar lá também :/

  28. Podem pegar Caraguá, mas deixem Ubatuba e São Sebastião pro pessoal do Vale

  29. Mas chamar a puta de puta, ela já não é puta? Puta mancada...

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