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  1. Your husband might have a chance of getting a sponsored visa for skilled work. Basically if offered a job that qualifies, usually with a large company like Boeing, they could take care of the initial visa and paperwork for you both and you’d be able to apply for permanent residency after a certain period of time.

  2. Consider BAE systems, I believe they have US opportunities that can be sponsored

  3. Here's what I did, and what I recommend to a lot of people in your position (there are more than you may realize): you need to "break your palate."

  4. Amelia and JP on YouTube- Lots of good info on Ecuador there including Cuenca. (No affiliation)

  5. N Texas here as well! It is nice out today, went for a walk earlier and got caught in a bit of a rain storm. Oops! Flowers and wildlife are out in full force this time of year and it's lovely.

  6. The issue for me is that I'm not losing weight. I seem to be at a plateau - eating a healthy diet and getting a lot of exercise but still overweight. I know that can happen and change will take time.

  7. I'm with you, at a plateau. I actually gained weight when I first switched to WFPB, but I'm only 95% compliant so I guess I'm destined to be slightly overweight. At least I'm not gaining so I'm trying to be happy with that. For me my cheats are: 1 tsp oil to sauté onions a couple times a week, coconut milk when I make curry, 1 tsp honey in my coffee, and a square (or two) of dark chocolate usually daily. Sugar is my drug, I know I'd do better to avoid it completely but it's so hard!!

  8. Yeah, I'm a chocolate addict. I've been trying to quit, but I still treat myself once every week or two. I eat keto vegan chocolate bars because they don't contain the kinds of sugar I'm trying to avoid. Hü bars are pretty widely available, and I'm sure there are more.

  9. You sound like you're doing an awesome job! I used to work out 4x a week with cardio and weights and that did the trick for me (although it took ~2years to lose the extra weight). My back injury prevents me from doing those hard workouts now but even walking daily, as I have done for the past month, seems to help a lot! I suspect it's just a diligence thing. Best of luck to you as well!

  10. I love this response thank you - it is very much a “one life to live” type move, so maybe I should be more ambitious than Asheville and head for California! What did you like about it? Also I am so interested in hearing about your move to Europe. I had disregarded staying in Europe as it feels like there are no good job opportunities for me here. Do you mind me asking where you went and how it worked out for you?

  11. I'm jumping on the California bandwagon. It's absolutely beautiful there, so much natural beauty but also diversity like I've not seen anywhere else. People are so open minded. Yes it is expensive but you get used to it. Bay Area/El Cerrito is a good choice for finding jobs also. My personal favorite place in CA is San Luis Obispo (not as much job opportunity though). Sacramento is a more affordable area with good opportunities as well if you don't mind a little summer heat and not so far from th Bay Area. I grew up north bay and would recommend it as well (Santa Rosa, Healdsburg).

  12. I know this is waaaay off from keto, but maybe consider whole good plant based. It has been the easiest diet I've ever been on as far as not getting hungry.

  13. I do have beans! Just have not cooked them yet. Ill try and add some of those next time. And as said above I do have almond butter yes.

  14. Instant pot/pressure cooker for the beans! Done in less than an hour, so much easier.

  15. I would like to know. Mostly just because I'd be flattered and it'd be nice to feel like someone was attracted to me. I wouldn't want the person to try an act on it though.

  16. Yeah that's pretty much the same with me. I don't put any energy out there in terms of that. Idk what I'm looking for...maybe like the occasional cat call lmao

  17. And I often find myself attracted to the type of guy you described, with nothing but wholesome intentions on my side either. Would like to be able to give that boost of confidence without it being awkward or coming across with other intentions. Not looking for an affair, happily married myself.

  18. I don't swing, but what's harder is finding a woman who wants to watch STNG with me and go see some sort of heavy launch from the cape. Where is that unicorn?

  19. Omg I'm such a space nerd and loved watching launches when I worked at the cape! Hope you find her :)

  20. you dont see it until you move somewhere more diverse, but to a certain point, you are right. i remember seeing so much blatant racism on the TRE when i came home to visit my parents after living in new york for a while.

  21. Yes. Racism and misogyny was so rampant at my workplace that I finally left. Found a more international company, which is not perfect but much better.

  22. Unfortunately I agree with you, I've witnessed so much. Gets worse the further away from the cities too. I do think it is slowly changing for the better, at least I'm an optimist and I want to believe so.

  23. I see a few people who have mentioned that it depends on where in the US it is. The main offices are in San Francisco, San Diego, Austin, Dallas, and New York City. If anyone has moved from Europe (or elsewhere) to one of these cities in the US, what was your experience like, and would you recommend it?

  24. I live near Dallas and it would be the best city on this list to go to save money, although I don't love Texas overall. Grew up near SF and it's very very expensive but absolutely beautiful. I would not recommend for saving money though if that's your primary goal. For culture I don’t think it can be beat. San Diego would be my personal choice on this list, because the weather is perfect year round and in a gorgeous active location. Austin is a nice city, a bit hot most of the year, good nightlife with the college influence and not as high cost as SF or NY (although rising, probably on par with SD). NYC is a big city with tons to do but most expensive, however it is the only city on this list where you can get by without a car.

  25. Good morning from Texas! Just past 8am and sunny outside. Temperature is at freezing mark now but climbing to about 50F today so should be pretty decent. I'm lucky and get to wfh, best get back to it!

  26. I don't know why you personally have high cholesterol. I do know that eating a plant based diet can help reduce cholesterol. However you'll also want to talk to your doctor about it (as you likely already are).

  27. For the US I would say those look like reasonable "averages". Have lived in Bay Area CA, FL, NM, and currently near Dallas TX. As others have pointed out, there is a large range of both salary and cost of living. You can live cheap outside of the city center with a high FANG salary or live in luxury city center with a low salary. Best combination is to work for a few years in a high paying area until you can move. Companies are starting to get smart to this though.

  28. I have read that large companies (Google I believe in the article I was reading, would not be surprised if other follow) are going to allow remote work but will adjust the employees salary based on prevailing wage index (not quite cost of living, it is based on what people in similar jobs are paid in a geographic area). I'm not a Google employee, can't vouch for the truth in that article, but it doesn't surprise me that companies might set policies to adjust pay based on geography. They already do that for non-remote workers (source: used to work in management in large tech company).

  29. I’m a strong supporter of cast iron. I season mine after most meals, and I don’t really need to use oil when I cook. It’s great for sautéing and simple stir-fries. It’s not amazing for things with thick or sticky or tomato based sauces, mostly because it can be hard to clean. For those I usually use a copper-bottomed steel pan (Revere Ware). I highly recommend that too! Definitely requires more cooking oil than the cast iron, though.

  30. Another vote for cast iron here. My stove top runs hot and I kept destroying the non stick pans with too much heat. Cast iron is wonderful for that. Does need a small amount of oil for seasoning after cleaning, and of course it's heavy. Mine just lives on the stove top though.

  31. Is there any books or guidance out there you can recommend? I'm 50 and I want a time machine! Seriously, I have personally seen that what you eat makes a huge difference so I'm interested

  32. I read "How Not to Die" by Michael Gregor after someone recommended it. Had no idea I was about to completely change my diet but the science was so compelling that I HAD to make some changes. Probably only 95% plant based now, and I've seen small improvements from it. I really need to kick my sugar habit completely to get the full benefits (and lose the 15lbs I need to). However my cholesterol is down, I generally feel better and when I do fall off the wagon I realize how much worse I felt when I did eat all that processed crap!

  33. Do you have access to a community College? In addition to getting a job, consider taking night classes at a community College. It is usually fairly inexpensive and might help you find a path to take. Lots of trades can be started there from emt to electrician to cosmetology, or you might want to go the full college route. Well paying jobs can be found in engineering, computer science, finance, traveling nurse, and many many more. The C.C. should also have free advising that might be able to help guide you to various career options too!

  34. Burritos/tacos are super easy and easily plant based- can refried beans, rice, salsa, avocado and I "sauté" some onions/bell peppers with water. Lots of ways to mix it up to build whatever kind of burrito you like.

  35. Every time I've moved to a different area of the country it had taken about 2 years before I started to feel like I belonged/had the beginnings of friendships.

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