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  1. How did you get the ferrox? I have gone through the tenet list of weapons 3 times and haven't gotten one.

  2. It's bought from the corpus guys on the relay. 40 holokeys.

  3. Thought he was only supposed to have the melees...way to be consistent DE.

  4. Technically you're correct... I too am very annoyed. I have a riven for it and no interest in farming keys.

  5. have nit heard this in a while smoked mullet fed the Confederate army for long time during the civil war. I hail from Irish bayou Louisiana & learned this from my grandpop

  6. I come from Illinois and I heard it from some drunk dude I was fishing next to. I loved Mississippi but I can't take the hurricanes and heat. I will never forget those hot nights in the bayou singing Nitty Gritty with my crush on her families dock. I loved getting some mullet with my cast net to fry for dinner. I miss the culture even if it's steeped in issues... The people seemed genuinely trying to show southern hospitality all the time. The Cajun people seem like a uniquely wonderful group of people and I hope you got all you could from your grandpa as he had stories for sure.

  7. White-ish undyed might be the correct word here maybe, they were a gift.

  8. Might have thought the white flash was another bird threatening it?

  9. This tells you exactly what she thinks of you. No offence but she obviously doesn’t want the best for you in this context. She’s probably afraid of the stigma of having an autistic child.

  10. I never realized the shame behind having an autistic child but now it makes sense why I was constantly being hushed and told to be quiet etc. I was an idiot incognito, can't let the locals know an idiot is out and about.

  11. I recently confronted a beloved family member about this and said, "did you know I was mentally disabled and did you choose to ignore treating it?" They literally sidestepped the question immediately and danced around it. I eventually got a, "yeah, the doctors had you on medication and you seemed out of it and you said it made you feel slow." I then asked if he thought an 8 year old whose mother just died, has any ability to think or act clearly in their own best interest and he basically suggested I could... Which aggravated me to no end because I rejected religion at like 10 and was told to shut up. I am only adult enough to make world altering decisions when they fit others world view. I have reached a point where discussing my ability to control my own childhood has gone wildly astray into fights. Sometimes I made decisions as a minor and things were my choice... But other times I was forced to do shit and I best shut up about it. It wasn't a choice if it was a decided fate I would not be allowed to avoid. "You can have it in any color as long as it is black", they said... "Then get fucked, I don't need you to decide what anything I do looks like anymore," I scream ferociously... The ever emotionally unstable youngest child of a mentally disabled father and a mentally disabled mother. I'm not autistic, I'm a spaz... They called me it my whole life yet I'm not autistic or ADHD. The doctors just got bored and made up disabilities for fun.

  12. I tried being normal for 31 years... 31 years I tried to think my way around my disabilities and considered killing myself for being defective and a disappointment. One online quiz later and suddenly I had answers, I had guidance, I felt less lost. I had names for my problems and I learned how to describe them and ask for help from medical professionals. I then did lots of doctor stuff and got in a lot of fights with insurance yada yada yada... I tell everyone now. Either they get it and we get along, or they don't believe or care, and we were never going to get along anyway. This way I'm covered in case someone complains about me. I have a union job and I've got a lawyer so I'm kind of hoping they fire me so I can retire and work on my trashed body more. I'm not doing very well in general so I kind of need the rope the diagnosis gives me. My advice to anyone trying to decide if they should disclose it is simple, if you think you need help, take it all and show no remorse for saving yourself. There's next to no help available and it's a hard thing to live down but ignoring it didn't do anything good for me. So I can't suggest that route, I took it and I've got the scars to prove it sucks.

  13. That was the virtue before, but now we lift alone.

  14. Fuck Narmer, Host Migration is back and it's going to take all the Tenno credit...err... Power you can muster. Lol

  15. My understanding is that many scientists know we're fucked and don't see a point in saying anything anymore. You talk to any biologist about biological diversity and its effect on our planet and you will get a sad tale with little hope for the future. I have studied anthropology and seen snippets of many parts of the world changing and more often than not, the outlook isn't good. Herpetology is planning on saving species by just having breeders maintain the lines in private collections. One day you might only get to see certain animals if Bob lets you into his man cave. Ichthyologists discuss the utter devastation of the oceans and the near total ignorance of the average man as to why that matters. I read a post recently about reefs and they seem to be in decline, still... The comments discussed hope for the future and it got bleak... The only ones who seem excited are the Armageddon lovers who think this might be the end times... Sadly I don't think they know what they are asking for. I don't know how much worse it has to get before we admit things are fucked and the rich screwed us all to get more money... But when we finally get what we've done, I don't think it will matter. I hope I don't see starving children in the streets.

  16. probably but since its greece they could also be aristotle's catfish, [wiki] they are the the only other catfish species in europe

  17. I learned something new and completely relevant to my catfish obsession. We need more people like you.

  18. I believe there are powers and forces out there that we can't and don't comprehend. That being said, my open mindedness and willingness to discuss theories ends with people pushing absolutes. As in, "my religion says "blah blah blah", that's cool. I want to hear everyone's thoughts and ideas. Not if you tell me, "you go to heaven" I'll be bored with you but try to engage. If you say your religion is the only correct one I'm probably just ignoring you. Especially if you're Christian, Muslim or Mormon... It's not that your info isn't interesting, it's just I've heard it and read it.

  19. If she ran on all fours with her 4th ability I'd play her just for the badass factor. But it's so weird having her go down on all fours when she's still, and then stand up to move.

  20. It's like she was designed by someone who couldn't imagine walking on all four as a human...I knew girls who hissed and ran on all fours...

  21. i know girls who bark and round around on all fours

  22. How is your mother anyway? ( I literally couldn't not... I'm sorry.)

  23. The antichrist isn't coming back... Even if you accept he exists, he hasn't been yet thus he cannot return... So that's number 1. Number 2? There's little supporting he is even a thing beyond revelations which is just John of Patmos likely learning he ate the wrong mushroom or plant. The church struggles with revelations and many see it as a warning I guess... Depends on the group and when you ask. Finally, Jesus may not have even existed as it's been suggested that no historian of the time notes a Jew named Jesus... So either Satan hid him from history or God didn't want other accounts confirming his existence but whatever the case... Jesus may never have existed. Also, even if he did exist, there's no reason that proves he has fuck all to do with a deity. I would go so far as to suggest it's strong proof there's no God as the egotistical jackass would never have avoided forcing himself into every story. Yahweh isn't real, that's why he's not in other stories. They didn't know he existed so they didn't write about him. So, I think it's safe to say your dad's ignorant or deep in his religion, probably both. I suggest you smile and nod until you can move out.

  24. Chronic problem with me for many months along with the crappy customer service yet they think I should pay the same price as when I had great service. I'm in the process of dumping my once loved t-mobile

  25. They merged with Sprint and everything got worse. The coverage got spotty but never as bad as it is now. I am back to like 2007 with calls not going through... I'm planning on leaving T-Mobile in spring at this rate. They can't help fix it either, I even got the 4g booster for my house.

  26. Thank you. Ive tried so many therapists and none of them have been specialized in what i asked for or that helpful. Its hard to find the right therapist. Do you mind if i ask what meds youre on? Im on amitryptiline rn but i dont know if its enough to help my anxiety.

  27. I'm on amitriptyline too but I'm also on a lots of other stuff so my experience will vary.

  28. I may need to up my dose but the stress on the heart that amitriptyline can cause freaks me out too much to try tbh

  29. I'm on it for morning and night. I didn't realize it stressed the heart. To be honest, I'm just trying to survive at this point. My concoction of medications is letting me do therapy, work full time and care for my wife when necessary. I cook most nights. I don't want to die but it's only recently I've begun to live.

  30. Those were the last ones I bought. The reviews after that made them seem like they went downhill so I didn't buy another phone. I didn't realize they just tanked their own brand this bad.

  31. I was repeatedly force fed raw tomato, I vomited every time. I'm a drama queen and piece of shit for not eating them. It was an active war with my family until I moved out. I don't forget being taped to a fucking chair and I don't forgive the abuse. My anger over my food issues is intense and I can't forget the constant insults. I honestly contemplate revenge but I know it solves nothing. I was dehumanized and I won't forget it.

  32. Just the typical gray/tan shade mostly, with a little bit of yellow

  33. My baby shed after we got him and he came out with fiery orange accents around his eyes and on his legs. The last shed saw him turn his grays into bluish purple... He's also way bigger than he should be according to growth charts, so I'm hoping for German Giant DNA. It's fascinating to see what they become. You ever do this before?

  34. Lzzy is my second dragon. My first girl Dexter came to me after a family member neglected to learn to care for her properly 😔. She was also fairly bland in her colors until she started going out in the summer and getting natural sun; the next time she shed she had all kinds of red and orange hints, it was amazing to see!

  35. That's really cool. Thanks for saving dragons.

  36. Same here! I just recently joined this sub and found out 40 gal is too small. I went to my local reptile store today and the didn’t have a single enclosure bigger than 36” long. I understand space restrictions but it suck when most people going in there and buying a reptile and enclosure will be getting something too small for their new pet.

  37. I completely agree. I was really upset with Petco once I found out but it's really my fault for not doing more research. Good news though, PetSmart is shipping Zen Habitats at 4x2x2 which is at least a step in the right direction. I think they should have one unit in stock if they want to sell bearded dragons. I'm also a novice couch jockey so I could be wildly off base.

  38. I think most people on here just want it made clear that our prior comprehension of the life of lizards and other animals is ever evolving and many people agree that bearded dragons need a 4x2x2 cage and the supposition seems to be that you will be leaving your setup so sparse and as such a small enclosure. I can't say it didn't shock me to find out my store's biggest terrarium wasn't big enough for a bearded dragon. It's unfortunate but the fact is that there are very avid keepers on here and they are working hard to give these lizards quality lives and not just a long hard road to an early grave. So they immediately call out issues and make sure they are known to be unacceptable, not just for your pet but as a representative of the hobby as a whole. Unfortunately you posted a questionable setup on the front line against ignorance on reptile care. I assume they neither regret their comments nor care if people are upset. They are the Lorax of Lizards and here we all love lizards. So we want to hear what they need to thrive. It's a bit strange but so are people who make tiny jungles in glass boxes...

  39. I hate to call things lazy because there is so much passion and skill everywhere in this game, but this is just lazy.

  40. I actually hate Voruna for ruining me ever getting a space werewolf... That's it, I don't care if she's even fun, she is a total letdown from day one for being a total bait and switch. They knew we wanted a werewolf and they used that fact to try to hype this frame... I want to play it but I don't want to encourage their shitty behavior. I won't lie and say I won't play her but Jesus I went from incredibly excited, to excited, to hopeful, to bored. I know it's just a game but I heard wolf, they said they knew we wanted the wolf thing... And we got techno Naruto with 9 tails Chakra flowing out the butt. I'm disappointed and this was something I was excited about since I joined the game, the werewolf frame... (Tiniest awoo in mourning what could have been.}

  41. I knew that person horrified me but I couldn't say why. Now I realize that it made me scared to move or fidget. Seeing this post upset me. Weird.

  42. As an autistic Pole... I have so many issues with the term. I understand that it's part of our history but I hate the word Asperger's. I don't like the mouth feel of saying it. I don't like the connotations it implies as far as being low needs, as sometimes I'm a mess but I'm always Asperger's...I don't like how it sounds like Assburgers either. The only reason I see to continue its use is education about the past. I think I'd be offended if you said I had it as I feel far more comfortable as autistic. I don't know why but I'm ok with autistic, autistic person, person with autism but Asperger's just makes me recoil.

  43. I find flirting and small talk with allistics to be super awkward, like this.

  44. This! You can't marry the right person if you act like the wrong person for them. Be you, and find real companionship, or at least avoid divorce and kids...

  45. I feel like I'm chaotic neutral at this point. I'm not really trying to bring destruction or wealth of any kind to anyone. I will however randomly fuck things up in ways people rarely believe. I don't control it either... Sometimes I feel like I'm a blessing but I'm often a curse and I don't feel like I choose which one I am. I make an effort to overcome my evil nature, but I do wallow in it at times.. I rarely succeed at hurting who I aim to hurt or helping who I am to help. I'm Discord and I don't choose to be this way but at least others find me fascinating. I wish it were a fun way to describe myself but I haven't seen blood family in months, going on a year or more for most. Yet today I was told I made someone I love happy ... I am not a curse but I am entropy incarnate, star stuff made live, and my rules to live by are a fucking etch-a-sketch apparently...I always wanted to be something but in my efforts to fit anywhere, I tore apart and went everywhere. I think I'll collect the pieces eventually.

  46. My only thought in response to people who claim anyone is not autistic enough to need help or doesn't seem autistic is, "oh I agree, I just figured you'd fire me if I started crying and screaming at you so I ate my feelings and got drunk every night... Better right? I mean I nearly killed myself with alcohol to numb the pain of never being good enough but you're ok. And that's what matters you violently stupid toad of a human being... How it affects you. You don't care if they are miserable unless they inconvenience you, then they are retarded and useless... They can go to some facility where they deal with mental disability or whatever. Autistic people are great until they have an issue and then everyone piles on that hate until it's pathetic and then they are disabled. These people lack basic human kindness and are the movers and shakers of creating true misery in the world. They are, why we can't have nice things."

  47. Not too far from "God Is Great!" With a nice explosion... Sounds better in Arabic though, Alucard is right.

  48. Yes, society could be teaching young men that hormones will make them think in ways they don't understand. And with age, some of the bad thoughts will leave. But instead, society is dumbed-down into blaming bad things on demons.

  49. It's what was done to me. I couldn't figure out what was me so I just repressed everything in fear I might be controlled by evil. At one point, I truly hoped I could die shot as a martyr for Christ as it was the only way I saw myself entering heaven. I took comfort in the thought of dying for Christ as I knew I couldn't live for him. I even enjoyed the idea that my death would prove the demons wrong. I shudder at the whole thing now.

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