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  1. I saw this statue when I was 8 and the only lasting consequence was how incredibly beautiful it was. As was the Venus de Milo. At 8 (my siblings were 6, 10 and 12) there was nothing remotely sexual about it.

  2. He is almost right: America is regressing at a rate of knots but its not regressing back to the level of a 3rd World country. It’s going back to the medieval times. And he believes he should be the God-Emperor.

  3. Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein, North West Province, South Africa.

  4. I submit there are probably a large number lonely woman, but they’re not as violent or loud so people care less

  5. I’d also submit that there are a large number of woman, lonely or not, who would far prefer loneliness to being in a relationship with an entitled, demanding man-child who can’t take care of himself in any manner!

  6. As a foreigner I wonder if it wouldn’t it be an option to say that pupils from States whose politicians dictate to Universities and schools what their curriculums can and cannot contain are not eligible to attend out-of-State universities? It might happen anyway - a student from Florida is seen as having a 2nd rate education compared to students from other States so would be less likely to be offered a place at out-of-State universities. But maybe this should be made explicit so parents begin to realize that if they want their child to get the best possible tertiary education they need to take action when their politicians try to meddle in areas they are not qualified?

  7. NWO is iffy tbh because it is a Captain America movie it just hasn’t been released yet

  8. So could it still be NWO but because it’s the only one that hasn’t yet been released…?

  9. “It’s My Party” is about the loneliness and shame-filled sorrow surrounding end of life for HIV+ gays in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The titular party is an event that a character plans as a final send off. Absolutely wrecked me. Never cried so much from watching a movie.

  10. Only movie I’ve watched in a cinema where people were still sitting in the theater sobbing when the credits finished. And not just one or two people. Definitely one of top saddest films ever.

  11. Is that the one that collided with the boat carrying red and blue paint, leaving it marooned?

  12. Nope. That was the boat carrying a cargo of yo-yo’s. It sank 194 times on the crossing…

  13. I buy Levi 501s (34w 32l) in South Africa and I’ve never had a problem when buying the standard blue jeans: I never have to try them on and they always fit exactly the same. When they are on sale I sometimes buy a few pairs that I only intend to use a year or three down the line. Never had an issue. But the exact same pair in black is always tighter. And sometimes quite a bit tighter…

  14. Definitely get ‘Andrew Tate wannabe’ vibes from this dude. There seem to be some strong parallels between this Social media post and Tate’s moronic videos about bribery and sexual abuse (or worse) of women. The lack of awareness of consequences for posting things like this because you are so confident you are right is staggering. If only we could add ‘instigating’ to the charges Tate is already facing…

  15. Fun story. One time I lost some expensive sunglasses in the ocean. I was at a beach and a wave hit me in the face while I was maybe 50 yards off shore. I spent at least a half hour looking for them to no avail.

  16. When I was in my late teens I was playing touch rugby on the beach with some mates wearing a new pair of prescription glasses. Just for fun, at one point when I got the ball I decided to run into the water to go round my mate. He decided that since I was in the water he could tackle me. As I went down I put my hand up to catch my glasses but I was already too late. Gone. And we couldn’t find them in the surf.

  17. I managed to avoid it for a long time (got it in May this year) due to wearing cloth masks when out and using fans when in my office.

  18. Asks people to be quiet to not startle the elephant...

  19. Animals in game parks can get used to the sound of the guides voice because they often hear them speak around them. Whenever I’ve been on game drives before we even leave the camp the guide has always given us instructions to be totally quiet when we are close to any animals. He or she might tell us info about the animal while it is close by but we are expected to keep quiet.


  21. Pleasure! You can also renew your PMB yearly with your Medical provider. (Psychologist / psychiatrist). (Have been renewing it for about 3 years, no issue. Have both Depression (not seen as a Chronic Condition by Discovery) and Type 1 Diabetic (Seen as a Chronic Condition by Discovery)

  22. A PMB for Severe Depression (Depressive Episode: ICD10 F32.2 or Depressive Disorder: ICD10 F33.2) will cover up to 15 sessions or 3 weeks in hospital. I think Bipolar and possibly a suicide attempt will get you the same. For Acute Stress Disorder you can get up to 12 sessions. But they will usually only approve 1 PMB in a calendar year so you can’t apply for one then another and another.

  23. I struck up a conversation with the attractive woman sitting next to me at the bar.

  24. I’ve just started work on my 9th billion. Unfortunately the other 8 didn’t work out so well…

  25. WildEarth actually started in 2007 (although they did have a bit of a hiatus between 2011-2014 due to financial issues).

  26. I’ll let them know. At 83 and 86 years old they will definitely get a kick out of knowing that someone from the wilds of the internet sent them a high five!

  27. A parents role is just to survive their children’s adolescence. Your children go into adolescence as lovely kids (hopefully!) and emerge as lovely young adults (hopefully!) but in between they (not all but some) can be awfully difficult (or just plain awful!).

  28. If the Democrats, the unaffiliated and the undecided don’t go out in full force tomorrow and vote for the democratic candidates across the board and at every possible level then America is fucked good and proper.

  29. The green ambulance (our cream soda not the clear/pale overseas one), a greasy fry up (fried eggs, bacon, pork sausage, onion etc), lying in the hot sun (sweat out the toxins!) are all tried and tested by me.

  30. We call those types "pavement princesses". Fuckers probably swerve to miss puddles on the street and never known anything but street and highway miles. No gravel, no dirt, no mud, and no snow

  31. Would be great if people could (safely!) stick bumper stickers with ‘pavement princess’ onto these trucks. Half of them probably wouldn’t notice one new sticker amongst all the others already there but it would be funny to everyone else. And just maybe it would shame some of these a-holes into toning it down slightly… maybe.

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