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  1. What your going through is classic ROCD - no one obsesses for the amount of time you do a day and have it not be ROCD.

  2. Mine convinces me I am having a heart attack too. I also have difficulties around getting a diagnosis. What compulsions do you do when you have this?

  3. Depression is not just feeling sad, it can be experienced as irritability, anger, or even numbness and brain fog as you seemingly experience it.

  4. You are not a bad person. I promise you. Anxiety has got a hold of you and I empathise with you. But I promise, the thoughts are not true, you are not a bad person.

  5. It will only make your anxiety worse in the long term if you rely on alcohol to get you through social situations

  6. Roast tomatoes garlic onion and a bit of feta cheese in the oven, when it is all cooked add chicken broth and blend it all together. Such good soup!!!

  7. And will proving to him that you are not someone he can trust going to help with anything?

  8. If you think it’s okay for a child to be watching aggressive porn then you need evaluating.

  9. Are you doing ERP? Maybe if you make them more aware of your exposure hierarchy, you could say it’s more acceptable to talk about things that are lower down on your hierarchy, but you don’t want to talk about the things that are higher up just YET, but you want to build up to talking about them eventually. You’re going through a hard time and you shouldn’t be forced into conversations that sound too overwhelming right now. Setting boundaries is not being rude like you might think it is. It’s not being nasty to them, they won’t get offended if they’re genuine friends.

  10. There’s nothing wrong with being a little bit bi flexible hehe. It’s exciting !!!! Explore it

  11. I also feel very intensely guilty when ever I do something wrong, no matter how minuscule it is. It’s part of how people with anxiety are wired I guess. I think you should allow yourself to feel guilty and accept those feelings, but also keep trying to remind yourself that everyone makes you mistakes and it doesn’t make you a monster, and it just means you’ll learn from this mistake next time and not do it again

  12. If you’ve been diagnosed youre defo not faking it, it’s hard to get a diagnosis sometimes so if you have got it you defo have it x

  13. I feel like rather than knowing that the jokes are wrong and harmful, the reason why you only enjoy them privately is probably because there are people out there who will get offended (even if it’s lighthearted), and that’s never fun to deal with. It’s important to have a line that you don’t cross. There are some race jokes that I just don’t find funny, and I make it known. And there are some that are hilarious! There was a black comedian I saw on social media who was talking about how he can’t even play with race anymore (and proceeded to play with race). It was hilarious because he’s good at his job, making people laugh. I say don’t beat yourself up and laugh when you can, and if someone gets offended apologize and move on. You got this

  14. Hey this has happened to me with POCD too. The thought popped in to my head at the last minute like it did with you right as I ….

  15. Yes I’ve been this way for years. I recommend you seek help immediately before it goes on too long and you feel like there’s no way back

  16. If it’s not the right job for you, you don’t have to go. You can just block their number if it came to it. Yes it’s not very polite but you don’t work for them yet and you don’t really owe them anything

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