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  1. DUDE I HAVE ANOTHER HORRIFYING ONE- in the Disney movie blank check there's a kissing scene with 12 year old Brian Bonsall and 31 year old Karen Duffy. Wtf... Everyone involved in that should be in jail (except Brian ofc) like... That poor kid!!! And the message that this conveys to the kids watching this movie. God.

  2. it’s not an on screen romance w kristen dunst & brad pitt. like did you ever watch the film

  3. I find an 11 year old girl kissing a 30 year old man on the lips who is not an immediate family member who expressed an uncomfortable feeling doing it strange. I am so sorry. 🙄

  4. I hope they bring up the comment Camille made about her behind her back at the reunion. I can’t remember exactly what she said but I was mad she said it about her lol

  5. Not weird but I like all the memes about Tom Hanks’ kids and nominative determinism - that if you call a kid Colin you get a Colin and if you call a kid Chet you get a

  6. Isn't there another hot Amber thread going where it turns out MTV is ghosting her and she's just saying she's leaving to save face?

  7. Yes. Someone asked Michael how Vicki felt when he got the vaccine and he said “she said it broke her heart” 😂

  8. She's a good singer. Why do people have to hate so much. Is your life that bad insulting others is the only way you feel whole. Y'all need some self love

  9. I never said anything about her being bad. I think she sounds good. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  10. Me too! It was on sale for $6 for the entire season 3. It was worth it since I binge watch all the seasons anyways.

  11. My sister and I both laughed out loud when she said that…the delusion is too much!

  12. Great voice, but I feel like Kim telling Kourtney she needs to go to the hospital because of her bald spot from her tight ass high pony 🫠

  13. I’m a guy and want this, but only partial removal. I mean when it comes to aging, no one is telling people with naturally hollow cheeks that they need to freak out bc their lack of fat will make them look old af in the decades to come.

  14. I have a chubby round face and would love to have surgery to highlight my cheekbones, I’m just poor and scared! 😂

  15. There’s something so gross about knocking down a young lady for getting surgery that you don’t like by comparing her to photos where she clearly has already had work done to appear more attractive. Damned if you do and damned if you fucking don’t. If you don’t like it keep it to yourself and it doesn’t affect her at all.

  16. In my title I said she’s naturally beautiful. This is also a public pop culture forum to voice our opinions on celebrities. Don’t like it? Move on.

  17. Come on. We're all here because we love the show. No need to be rude. I'm just stating that TO ME he seemed like he was over her.

  18. To answer OP didn't Arianna Grande change drastically over the years? I don't follow her really, but I recall someone mentioning that she's even changed her accent and the way she speaks based on what's trendy. Is that right?

  19. Idk why you all have such a hard-on for John, he’s not all that funny and doesn’t seem like the great person you all try to make him out to be, HOWEVER- I would 1,000% be onboard with him facing off with Angela. I think he could make her cry. Watching him go no holds barred with her with his acerbic comments WOULD be funny.

  20. Well in our opinion he is funny. In your opinion he’s not. Doesn’t make us wrong. Lighten up.

  21. I never would have guessed Lamar and Andrea would be the OG couple that’s still together.

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