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  1. Ok even as an avid believer in the second amendment that’s a little ridicules lol

  2. Lol keep crying aoc cry because women can’t chose to kill there baby’s in some states

  3. No but Disney wouldn’t surprise me if it was a continuity issue but I just thought about how the lord didn’t match up

  4. You do realize Obi-Wan Kenobi only features Inquisitors to maintain the continuity of Rebels, right? The show could have easily ignored them, but the writers decided to reinforce the events of the earlier show. And this is ignoring Ahsoka being the live-action sequel to Rebels. Your perspective is nonsensical.

  5. While this may be true the inquisitors have been mentioned since some of the first Star Wars books in the late 70s so

  6. Yes and that location for them is temporary I’m going to buy a bench once I can find an affordable one

  7. A few concrete blocks and some pallets and you're done...

  8. No he was a fake informant that Gus knew about because they hired Saul to make him an informant

  9. Do people not know that the swastika has been around for hundreds of years before hitler? The man if he can even be called that just stole the symbol

  10. As a Texan I will speak for us, upon further review we reject this man as a Texan, we would be happy to pass him on to the Louisiana people though

  11. I’ll say this now I don’t like Biden or really tbh the First Lady when it comes to policy however I appreciate that she went and even brought her flowers! 🇺🇦 Slava Ukraine

  12. They are not real Christian’s I can tell you that, no one blesses nuclear weapons

  13. Innerspeaker:solitude is bliss unless live cause all live versions of his songs I don’t care how much I may not like the recorded version I love the live ones

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