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  1. I recently came back to a server that became 100% alliance, while I was horde. You should know what that entails in classic; It means no dungeons, no raids, no guilds, no auction house--you are stuck doing quests all alone.

  2. I haven't neglected to mention it - I'm just A.) Not as informed, B.) Not as angry. Your response is pretty judgemental & blamey towards me (last para), but legit all I wanted to know is why you're still here if you don't like what's happening?

  3. Silecio, I thoroughly apologize--the first time you read my comment, I was responding to someone else. I've now edited it for the response meant to you.

  4. Thanks for the clarification - so are you going to vote with your feet, or? I've only recently returned and am on FM for the same reasons as you, but hating the queues. I agree with what you've said. It's actually pushing me to alternative server options, which I've never been down for in the past.

  5. Didn't do any raids and didn't max level even one character, but it was fun nevertheless. I think wow classic is a quality game even for a casual gamer.

  6. I think it's great that you've had fun despite not hitting max level. I resubbed when WotLK news broke and I just feel like TBC is gonna be a levelling-only experience by the time I finally get to it, because I won't have enough time until WotLK to experience any end-game.

  7. Transfers to pyrewood village from firemaw is free! just sent my transfer request to pyrewood from firemaw. I'll maybe see you there!

  8. Hey man, I'm in the same boat as you were but not yet decided. I'm likely to go ES so I don't lose the option of wPvP (though it's a 99% Ally server), or the future option of transferring to another PvP server.

  9. It's really spontaneous wPvP I like rather than arena/BGs tbh! Call me weird, but hey.

  10. Ah thanks. I used to toss-up between icy-veins and some other website (can't remember which now) back in retail about 6-or-so years ago and people used to say IV was bad-info trash. That it's still going would suggest otherwise!

  11. Class discords usually also have a lot of really good info

  12. They did at the start of Classic but both Paladin dscords, and the Hunter one for example, doesn't really have that level of detail anymore; all begins with BiS.

  13. I bought mine with my college supplies in summer of 2014. I was a idiot and played video games atleast 8-12 hours every day for 3 years. Still works great.

  14. I'm still using the same Logitech G5 I bought back in about 2007.

  15. I have the exact same decision to make. Curious to know your decision if any, I enjoy Firemaw so much, it is just like in the old days, so many people are playing on every level.

  16. I haven't made a decision yet but I'm tiring on the queues, not because I'm frequently experiencing them, but because my limited playtime is curtailed by them when I infrequently can get on my PC.

  17. Is Engi/Ench still a good bet if you want to tank and dungeon grind/farm but you're not a hard-core raider?

  18. Have you never watched Midsommar?

  19. We've added a ton of routes for both group and solo players to level in a reasonable time. The target is ~30h /played to 50 and we've seen solo players come in below that target, sometimes by a fair margin. It's nowhere near as painful as Uthgard :)

  20. Hi Fenynro, I played DAoC on/off from beta to 2008, and then Uthgard and Phoenix. It is a massive nostalgia hit for me and brings back some of my fondest teenage memories. Despite my extensive time playing the game however I never did much of the 'end game'. The majority of things people discuss on forums or this sub reddit go over my head. However, my rose-tinted glasses of this game generally involve the levelling experience - I enjoyed, and bizarrely still enjoy it. I'm in my early 30s now with a wife, young daughter, and demanding/exhausting bit-more-than-full-time-job but despite this I crave that nostalgic levelling experience. Uthgard was too much. Phoenix was about right (but I can't remember how long it took), and I just wanted to say that 30hrs doesn't sound unreasonable to me (unless your intention is to get to the end ASAP because that's what you see as 'the game'). I just wanted to sound off and let you know that people who are excited for a well-paced levelling experience are out there, and don't want to see your team bow to peer pressure. There have been many 'race to the finish' servers that have had their time in the sun - please don't let them persuade you to do the same with Atlas. I'm looking forward to playing, good luck with the continued development and testing!

  21. They also have NPC's for getting maxxed if your only level 1, but then you lose out on the experience you would get from normally playing the game.

  22. Who is 'they'? Atlas? Isn't that because they're currently in their level-50 beta phase? It's not going to be in on release.

  23. I'll give you a big hint car drivers... ITS NOT FUCKING 50. SPEED UP YA TWATS.

  24. Exactly. Let the bottom continue to grow, don’t worry about the cheeks, they’ll fill in.

  25. Hey man, just to let you know I went to the barbers for a tidy up - check my latest post if you want to see the results. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

  26. Thanks. I'll trim it up in a day or so, may come back with a single picture and see if people think I should continue. Once it's gone it's gone :(

  27. You're not wrong there - but I'd be interested to know what he means by 'shave it' - clean shave? Trim it to a different style? He could be a little more specific with his input. That said, he has 2 posts in

  28. Hi mate, it looks solid and similar to mine, but scruffy (as mine did until 3hrs ago). Go to a barber you trust and explain you are growing a long beard so want it tidying without length being taken off. I agonized for about 2 weeks on the same decision, same stage you are now, and went for it. I don't regret it. Check out my most recent post to see the results and how yours could be - as I say our beards are similar style and age!

  29. I looked at your profile. Damn right, it looked similar haha. Good stuff. Will probably ask for a trim here and there, not sure yet.

  30. Honestly, I've had a beard the length ours is now quite a few times, grown both with, and without beard oil. I'm yet to be convinced I've ever noticed a difference. It's always clean and smells fine due to showering, and it's always messy/wirey just because it grows that way. I'm using some at the moment, but it's not expensive stuff, just supermarket bought. For what it costs, I'd say go for it. I've watched lots of people preach its benefits such as 'softer hair', 'easier to brush' and 'helps straighten'. Can't say I've noticed any of those advantages other than maybe it being /slightly/ softer.

  31. Don't take beard advice from men without one. Keep it up!

  32. That's a great beard my man, and an inspiration for me! I'd love to hear how you've grown that over the year. Trimmed at all, personally or professionally, or just let it grow wild? I want something similar and am about 4 months in, just had a barber tidy/trim today without taking length off. Need to know how to keep going for something like this, thanks!

  33. From small acorns do great oak trees grow?

  34. I'm 800 hours in, and can consistently get my 8 guys to do the things I want to do fairly effectively and with minimal drag.

  35. Amazes me how leapfrog capping isn't the tactical norm... 4 cap points A-D, 2 squads, 1 & 2... Sq1 caps A. Sq1 defs A. Sq2 caps B. Sq2 defs B. Sq1 caps C etc etc. Or variant where 1 squad always attacks but waits for the defensive squad to move up to the latest defensible objective before moving on.

  36. I'm pretty of people using a bad and old patch level as the 'gold standard' of DAOC just because they were traumatized about 1.66 aka TOA.

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