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Official Facts versus Ambient Information

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  1. Thanks for posting. It won't end the speculation. Those of us who have tried just get attacked. It's weird. People are OBSESSED with not accepting simple reality. They have to believe the movie in their head.

  2. Waiting for the redditors to claim this is just another ploy to play mind tricks with the perp. Eye roll to emphasize sarcasm.

  3. They’re not letting on to how confidently they shared their opinion as absolute fact in the other forum and basically called others dumb for not agreeing.

  4. I didn't do that. So, you basically have to believe Ethan was found in the hallway or you're a heretic on these subs.

  5. Meh I was banned from the other sub for making fun of them for having a post about a thread on picture of a fake knife and duct tape.

  6. If I hear another thing about who was asleep, who’s doors were locked, the unconscious 911 call, or the location of the dog, I’m going to lose my bricks.

  7. If I hear another thing about Ethan being unconscious in the hallway, I'm going to lose my shit, oh I already did.

  8. I think she sounded like she was having a hard time walking the line between what she should and shouldn't say. But, I noticed that too, and it def made me think some of the wounds were way more than just stabbings...

  9. Yeah I'm thinking the wounds were pretty vicious, definitely indicative of an angry thrill kill.

  10. The Moscow PD didn’t say there was a gap in the timeline. Reporters and social media sleuths used that phrasing. This is what LE stated in yesterday’s press release, and it is probably the confirmation that the reporter in this post is referencing.

  11. Yes I read that yesterday and I was confused why there was all this talk about missing time. I've noticed that there seems to be a lot of social media/rumours/parent interview information getting mixed in with LE information.

  12. Everyone downvoting this post is a traitor. Change my mind.

  13. I think LE said they were all killed in their beds not the coroner.

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