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  1. precision and accuracy seems redundant.

  2. They are not the same. Precision is applied to the movement, training and mastery of the action. The accuracy part is the utilization of the precision skill to achieve accuracy.

  3. Dude definitely went longer than 80% of redditors would've

  4. Me too! Easily my favourite quote from the game

  5. I posted mine from the female Orc Character, Borghak (Or any female Orc)... " May your blade be sharp, and your prey fresh"

  6. That’s so funny, I might start doing that. Sound like a lot of fun.

  7. Nazeem?! Is that you? I have some Honningbrew reserve mead for you... Straight from the cask. 😈

  8. Markharth is always the first hold, for me. I like the Forsworn armor set, which is recieved after the Forsworn Conspiracy quest. There is ALOT of things in that hold that are very cool. Thsr said, I hste Vlindrel Hall. Worst house. It us so hard to drop in and then leave, quickly. Living in Markharth, for me, it breaks up thw flow of the game.

  9. I pay very close attention to food companies. If people knew just how consolidation works, they would be fearful. That said, the worst villains in the game is Nestle. Evil evil evil.

  10. This comment section reminds me why I don't even fucking bother anymore. Because one man is like this, all men could be like this. It doesn't matter what you do as a man, because nothing will ever be good enough, so it's better to return the derisive sneer you get because of what's between your legs with a derisive sneer of your own.

  11. Quit dumping your purse out, in front of every body. 😳.... Passes tissue box to stranger.

  12. Because I'm pointing out my contempt for the lazy and the spineless? Did you need a tissue?

  13. Hey. Sorry for my comments. Did not do it to be mean. It just sounded different in my head.

  14. I am here for this clip. Its a repost, which no doubt will really aggravate some of the puritans (only post everything once! ) But this primate rocks!

  15. Alot of people do not find thst piece. I like to give that to my spouse. Ria, from the Companions is especially nasty with that thing.

  16. ...((for proper effect, this must read as a Marine Drill Sergeant)):

  17. This is a game that truly can change you. I am so jealous for you and others who get to play for the first time. I still love the game. And I am happy for you. You will also come to find out, that we have a pretty good community, filled with alot of people willing to answer any questions.

  18. I, absolutely positively 100 % completely totally and without doubt, approve of this action.

  19. It can be rough. The feeling can be one of defeat, as I had tried everything in my power to help this person, and it did not work. Sometimes it can be sadness because there are patients whom I grow fond of. It can be anger, because a patient did something that they were not suppose to be doing, that was the cause of death.

  20. Not a whole lot. Usually racist rants. Or when a dude hits or abuses a gf, when I am around. But I have popped people for much less.

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