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Is dating my tenant a bad idea?

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  1. when theres a will there’s a way😈 plus i’m scared of my mom

  2. Smash them to shit and tell mom you're being bullied at school. Now she might be all sympathy instead of anger.

  3. It's not super bad. It just means you're more likely to have caries than others who brush. Which is accueate all the time. If you want nice teeth. At very least rinse with water. But it's pretty easy to get a family pack of tooth brushes at Costco and keep one at work, in a bag, in your glove box, etc and just brush them quick.

  4. Big titty chick here: I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE small boobs. The flicking flickityness of small tits and nipples is kryptonite to me.

  5. I think it would be ok to date but the fact that you're already talking about offering her cheaper rent is why this needs to be asked at all. No. Don't offer her cheaper rent. It's not clear if maybe she only wants cheaper rent lol. Id set strong ground rules, have everything rent wise be by the book (receipts, not cash rent etc and clear proof the relationship is consensual) and theb go for it. If she turns into a serious relationship in 6 months to a year. Sure. Reduce her rent maybe but don't start with that lol. And have clear separation of those worlds.

  6. Hot damn. Stepping back is the first step! Good job. Breathe. None of it matters at this moment. Refocus on yourself for a moment, it's obvious you were overwhelmed and overworked. Sounds like the expectation was too much work honestly? Maybe unreasonable expectations?

  7. Its rude to do so without asking. You ask if they'd prefer to have the seat back for someone else or if you could bring X person in their place

  8. I just hate having to meticulously pick apart what I eat due to irrational bs like this. Thank you for your understanding and for your help. I just hate having these thoughts 🙃

  9. I mean. Are you remotely educated on the subjects you worry about? If you're not. Do some research and get the actual information and then when you feel the fear, get the answer to see how wrong you are. Overtime, If your fear is wrong over and over you can let go of the fear as you'll know it's always wrong.

  10. Oh yeah 4 cans is NOT even close to too much Tuna haha.

  11. Sounds like she is not a safe person for this information. I'd dump her. And go find a counselor or book some sessions about it. Your partner should feel safe to talk to. Slow. Patient. And safe. And if theyre not, that's a big red flag. A good partner might still not know what to do but would let you take the lead, ask questions about how they could help and not make you feel awful about it.

  12. I'm satisfied they're straight. You could ask about enamelplasty to make the tips perfect but I'd call it done

  13. I mean, a family picnic at the nude beach 🤷‍♀️

  14. Your boyfriend should be asking this not you. He should tell her to stop and that it's not fun or funny it's quite rude and if she continues he'll speak to management.

  15. I think all of you have forgotten that we have patients who are children. I k own some 7 year Olds who would love these

  16. Once upon a time an employer of mine had me work, with a small locker sized whiteboard at tables as I was so sick I'd lost my voice.

  17. " Hey X. Im so sorry if my message was unclear. I'm sick and not able to come in at 7. "

  18. Nah I think cold turkey is better for addicted people. We just can't control when to stop or how much we take in a session

  19. It's very hard for sure and easy to use weening as a way to stay on it for sure. far as the withdrawal symptoms....cold turkey is brutal for your system.

  20. I definitely found cold turkey to not be the way for me. I was SO sick. It's very tough to taper tho but i did that slowly over a set timeline to be kinder to my body and that's working very well.

  21. Older I get, less attracted to younger(18-25) people I get. I'm 32 and I reckon 25+ is the start of the peak, but I think 35-45 seems to be the most ideal range

  22. I think that's normal. The older we get. The more we realize there's a difference between legal, acceptable and appropriate.

  23. No, she has openly stated that she dislikes it because it’s childish and she’s much rather me have a more traditionally masculine hobby. It sucks lol

  24. Ah yes ok. Well. I'm sorry for that. I too disappointed my very traditional family and all I can offer to you is....if you know that what truly makes you happy in life is a disappointment to others and there's no way your happiness will please them....then it's best to accept the fact you'll never please them. I accepted that fate at a young age when I left the church and I'm perpetually a disappointment to my family and yet I couldn't be happier now nearly 25 years later. People will like you or they won't and you shouldn't be bothered if you like who you are.

  25. Uhh I think Canada is still a little on the fence about that.. a mob just attacked a woman in Ottawa for not wearing a bra. I tried to link the Daily Dot article, but no go🤷🏾‍♀️

  26. I would’ve thought it would be the opposite, with mac and cheese being a safe bet and the other being difficult! I assume the mac and cheese oozed its way into the crevices?

  27. Fake cheese color stain. Yep. Orange yellow food dye.

  28. Yes it should be easy to enthusiastically say "you know what goes great with X is Y, if we still have any left"

  29. Yep and if it's not that good I won't sell it to guests myself. And if NOTHING is very good u quit the job. Nothing trash is worth standing behind. And selling. And that's what restaurants are. Sales! Work somewhere you like and it's fun and pays well usually.

  30. This feels like a stretch to me. You think that people want to fly with their kids? There's MANY reasons why a parent would need to fly with a child that yeah, Ear pain is worth going.

  31. A lot of parents do it because they want that vacation and don’t care how miserable their kid is. You also see it with older kids being dragged to museums and monuments they don’t care about because they’re 6 and would rather be at the beach but their breeder parents don’t want to change their lifestyle to accommodate them.

  32. Yes. Every kind of asshole travels. I just figure lumping all of them in feels kinda unfair. Lots of people travel for many reasons.

  33. Wrong approach. Razor burn on a man, would you mind? Or accept that even if not sexy. It's normal and no biggie? Stop asking yourself what men find acceptable and start asking yourself what is normal and human first. And then worry about what parts you hope to be attractive to Men.

  34. 20 is fantastic. 22 is teachers pet and ideal but 20 is still a B+

  35. If a pan on the stove is on fire but safe enough to move, put it in the oven and turn the oven off. If you cannot move it. At least try and put the lid on it. But ultimately. When you live on your own it's smart to have a fire extinguisher or know where exactly it is in your apartment building and how to use it

  36. Lots of good comments here. I've had success in getting a doctors note to say I need at least a 20 min break to eat food as I take medication (I did not but doctor was happy to help)

  37. Oictufe the person you liked when you two were just flirting and not dating. Does he act sweet. And cute like that at all anymore? Just dump him. Usu cheaters are most concerned about cheating...or they accuse you so youre too busy asking questions like " how do I gain trust" instead of asking the right question which is "where the fuck has he been and why is he so shady now?"

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