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Adult Swim Severs Ties With ‘Rick And Morty’ Co-Creator Justin Roiland

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Raphael Warnock beats Trump pick Herschel Walker in Georgia Senate runoff, NBC projects

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Blink-182 Tickets Are So Expensive Because Ticketmaster Is a Disastrous Monopoly and Now Everyone Pays Ticket Broker Prices | Or: Why you are not ever getting an inexpensive ticket to a popular concert ever again.

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  1. Revelation was meant to take place in the few years after Jesus was gone not thousands of years later. You are correct about the 666 being code for Nero. The seven headed beast was the seven hills of Rome. Its not some prophecy meant to be taken literal, its more smack talk against the Romans

  2. It’s all so simple until sharing the factual context with humans who are wired to believe the opposite of anything contrary to what they’ve been told their whole lives. Humans be humans, and we can’t really be blamed for that.

  3. People gravitate to end of times stories. If it wasnt Revelation it would be something else

  4. Agreed, and for all the same reasons, which seems to be that our tendency as a species to create an ethereal and fictional authority figure that exists and rules beyond our realm is what has allowed our advancing brains to further develop self awareness but without the ultimate realization that all we are is kind of just an anomaly, and there’s really no point in fighting for existence. Establishing an end goal, in whatever form, gives us meaning and motivation to keep going.

  5. I own a ps5 and pc, there is no reason to own an Xbox. It is a terrible console. MS should just make software at this point.

  6. Can you elaborate on what makes it terrible compared to PS5?

  7. In my experience, I didn’t notice anything until taking regularly for a period of time (maybe 2-3 weeks). It’s not like phenyl, which can be used as a as-needed boost, it’s more like starting a SSRI in the SPECIFIC sense that it didn’t really have effects until regular use each day.

  8. Go full meta and bring in Christopher Lloyd.

  9. I always wonder what happened in their own life to make such a display absolutely necessary.

  10. Being raised to subconsciously believe that the more passionately you act like a cheerleader for the basic rules of your religion directly correlates to better standing with your divine authority.

  11. Don't get me wrong, though, there's boys in bands. And kids who like to scrap with pool cues in their hands. And just 'cause he's had a couple o' cans He thinks it's all right to act like a dickhead

  12. Mine,too. My alternate self, the one who didn't become a mom but instead finished college, she lives in NYC in a loft apartment or above a cozy shop. She works in advertising. She's the "Cosmo Cassie"

  13. I think you are confused on what the cliff is. The cliff is what happens to your total compensation after those 4 years if you don't get more

  14. This isn’t correct - the cliff is the amount of time at first before any amount of equity vests. 1 year cliff is standard, after which 25% will vest, followed by monthly increments for the next 36 months.

  15. Most likely because, as another commenter mentioned, there are a lot of different situations for each person so it’s not consistent across the board, but also because the company is not going to risk taking the role of advising you, as this could make them liable if someone took the additional information and assumed they were being told how to handle it. If that led adverse consequences, and that person could show they were led to believe the company was advising them how to proceed, this could land the company in a lot of trouble.

  16. How often does a 2 year out front runner actually win the nomination though (other than Hillary)?

  17. Whoa stop posting logical ideas. There's no room here for that kind of thinking.

  18. Nor is there room for yet another sarcastic inference as to the inherent validity of whatever’s contrary to the post to which these worthless statements apply.

  19. This looks like a stock photo of office workers having a meeting.

  20. No, that's you and the rest of the dumb observers. You're the one making it about the protesters instead of the cause.

  21. So in your world, any time a night out, attendance at event, or a priceless piece of art is ruined by a stupid stunt, people are obligated to applaud the protesters, ignore the incalculable property damage and trauma caused, and immediately go fix climate change or whatever it’s about, otherwise we’re just “dumb observers”?

  22. Tickets verified on the blockchain in the form of an NFT, in which the artist gets a cut every time it’s resold, is the best (eh, only) use case for NFTs I’ve heard so far.

  23. Growing up we made it to 119 stars, never did find that last one. Iv still got the 64, need to set it up and get back into it. Super mario, super smash bros, and golden eye is what me and my brothers lived off growing up.

  24. For us it was collecting all red coins on one of the pre-bowser levels. My sister came running up the stairs to tell me she’d finally found it. Good times.

  25. Morality isn’t determined by popular vote. An act is either moral or not…there is no grey. Taking an innocent human life is not moral.

  26. Whether or not it’s actually a human life is neither an objective moral truth or a legislative legal truth.

  27. When a state legislates without being unconstitutional then that is fine. Small government means not trampling on the constitution. The abortion issue is now legislated by each state. The voters choose their legislators. That's how our republic works.

  28. Super PACs, funded by corporations and individuals as far as can be from most states, choose states’ legislators, which ironically is the result of a Supreme Court holding.

  29. I dunno, it's not smart to piss off women, even I know that.

  30. But the same women who aren’t pissed off by Roe being overturned are generally the same woman who didn’t seem to care about #grabthembythepussy to the extent that Chester still won

  31. A sensor identifies misfolded protein biomarkers in the blood. This offers a chance to detect Alzheimer's disease before any symptoms occur. Researchers intend to bring it to market maturity.

  32. Wasn’t there a headline recently claiming that much of the research behind plaques as the cause of dementia was not legit?

  33. They accidentally send a company wide email sharing a picture from their vacation together in Sandals Jamaica.

  34. You're karma-farming, to gain karma, is for... The end of the world? Uh huh. My bad for expecting a coherent answer.

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