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  1. And in the comments on their post they reply to people asking if game fuel is being changed and they reply saying Game Fuel is still here and can be bought from

  2. Sorry I’m such a fucking idiot. I never saw this comment anywhere on twitter or Instagram but you must know everything

  3. Nobody called you an idiot pal, just spreading the information I’ve found, chill.

  4. Swap Kobe with the team? Zero rings. I don't think you can play with just one guy.

  5. What is the reasoning for MJ beating the Warriors without Kyrie/Love while LeBron lost with the insane series he had? What makes MJ win that hypothetical series?

  6. I just think Jordan had the mentality to win at all costs. He can also guard any player thrown his way. I could see him averaging 35 a night and taking more of a scoring role rather than a all around role that includes distributing the ball like Lebron

  7. Rapid heart beat and my stomach feels like it’s flipped

  8. Show up to class early. Don’t be the kid that’s always 5 minutes late. Ask questions and participate. Go to office hours, but try not to be the teachers pet. Go to career fairs and try to get an internship as early as possible. This gives you real life experience for your career field and is something I wish I did early on

  9. How to manage your time. You are going to be away from home, it's like being an adult but with training wheels. Your housing is sorted out (dorm usually), your food situation is sorted (meal plan usually), etc. But you are still an adult in the way you are treated, mostly.

  10. Maybe your taste buds are dumb. Make them read a book tbh

  11. I ❤️ gfuel man it’s an everyday thing for me :)

  12. Yea well faze just ended there partnership with g fuel 😢

  13. No kidding what!! They been partnered for like 10 years now I wonder why they would ever consider leaving?? G FUEL is literally booming in the market rn

  14. That's kind of unfair to say

  15. He’s a walking stick. Slow as hell. Not to hate but dude wasn’t on varsity as a junior, give it up bro

  16. I know but it isn't his fault he's so tall. Being that tall puts you at a huge disadvantage as crazy as that sounds.

  17. When you visit a school and it feels like home, so whatever you can to go there

  18. someone walks through door-“OKAY THEN” and then walks away

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