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  1. Focus on listening to every single word that comes out of your scene partners face.

  2. We use citywide (Eastlink reseller) and it’s great. We just get the basic package and it’s all we need.

  3. Not every restaurant in the world deserves to stay open. My city is full shitty half ass restaraunts because everyone and their mother thinks they can run one. Close a few. Especially if you have to exploit immigrants to keep the doors open.

  4. I hate random chit chat, waste of time.. Let's all move pleasently around each other without the expectation of conversation.

  5. It's a great job, keep applying online - Took me 3 times applying to get an interview. Christmas is coming so they will need you. It's crazy over the holidays, but a good time to learn. Don't get overwhelmed, it's only mail. In the interview stress safety.

  6. Thanks so much for the comment! Can you expand on what you mean by stressing safety? I guess there are interview questions relating to it and I just err on the side of caution?

  7. Right on, I'm an rsmc - rural suburban mail carrier - I drive my own vehicle, pack it with mail and parcels and deliver to customers outside of the city. We get compensated for gas and vehicle. You start at the bottom yes, but that's a good place to be learning the job. It takes years to get your own route which is the goal. Safety is super important so talk about that in the interview and have examples from previous jobs where you prioritized safety. When you get the gig - go slow and learn, and don't get overwhelmed. Managers are generally patient and kind when you get started and don't want you to quit! Everyone is there to help you get up to speed. I've been working for about a year now and fly through my day. It's super satisfying to serve the community with this job. Good luck 🤞

  8. Call and ask! Tell them you need to because it would be safer for you to go to the closer one. It's complicated to make the switch on CPs end, but gotta start somewhere.

  9. Where two lanes of a street or highway merge into one lane, the driver of a vehicle in the LEFT lane shall YIELD the right of way to a vehicle in the right lane. Looking at you 107 East Preston drivers.

  10. The post office - casual employee - they call you if they need you and you can say no whenever you like. These days it's very busy - I work 5 days a week 7am - 2pm, can say no whenever I want to audition or work on set. So nice to get a pay check after being self employed for 20 years.

  11. Some senders prefer the package is picked up at a post office - age verification, temperature sensitive etc. Senders usually request card for pick up, not the recipient.

  12. That's really annoying but I guess I understand, I just hope they send it to the one that I can literally see from my house and not the one a solid 10-15 min away lol

  13. Was a waiter brining drinks to the table where the scene was happening with a few well knowns. 4th take I drop the tray and break all the glasses. No problem - accidents happen everyone was cool - except the props guy..."dont drop these ones buddy, they are all I have left". Pressure was on for the next 12 takes. 😂

  14. I've been acting on Film & Tv for 15+ years - I look at it as a marathon not a race. Good years and bad years. It's hard putting so much effort into a career that doesn't always give back. Nothing wrong with a break - take time to explore other opportunities. Acting will always be there.

  15. Not caring about things that don't affect you doesn't make you a bad person. Just putting that out there.

  16. Get in the with the city! Camp councilor, life gaurd, soccer referee, baseball umpire. Great jobs for a 15 year old :)

  17. I'm Canadian, have an American friend who had heart surgery - had to sell his house, and use his life savings to pay the bill. Is that cool? Nah man. Getting fixed for free is where it's at.

  18. For film you get like 24hrs to prepare a 6 page audition. Work ethic separates the pro's from the not so pro. You can do it. I carry my pages with me everywhere and talk to myself all day till the lines magically get absorbed in my old ass brain. Showing up prepared is 90% of the job Imo :) keep swinging! (going the extra mile when you don't think you can is what makes all the difference in life)

  19. Oh good! Glad to hear that. Totally feel unmotivated sometimes especially if I'm not feeling a connection to the role. I like to think somewhere out there someone is working hard to get the role I'm trying for - so I have to out work the competition to get the part or to give a good showing. I keep that in mind when I'm feeling unmotivated - it kicks me in the butt and gets me working. If I finish the audition thinking yeah, I did everything I could, I walk away happy whether I get the part or not. (sometimes money motivates me too haha)

  20. At the very least - they should feed you - breakfast if it's early, lunch for sure! and 2 substantials (snacks). Could be fun if you haven't worked on set before. Lots of good comments here :)

  21. yeah, that's true. However, I think you should still assume if you get a self-tape that they're not wasting everyone's time. But its a fair point. & yeah, its a numbers game :)

  22. Yeah totally. I see it as throwing darts - eventually you'll hit if you throw enough. :)

  23. Make sure you have a slate shot on actors access. Those actors get seen first (AA prioritizes them). Add your reels too if you have them. It’s not just about the actual self tape.

  24. Weed is the only thing going down in price. I can get $45/ounces. I used to pay $300.

  25. Here we are in jersey still paying 75$ an 8th for medical… these fucking clowns don’t even allow home grow so they can make sure all these companies can make a pretty penny on our backs! So ya I say everyone grow your own and fuck all these politician clowns including our president

  26. Acting is hard because it leaves us vulnerable, and as artists we are never happy with the final product. You don't have to accept the compliment fully, but appreciate the person taking the time to comment. "Very kind of you to say" is my go to line. I hate compliments too.

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