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I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

  1. This is like the fourth time or so they've done this, are you new?

  2. What happened to this kind of weather in sf? It used to look like this all the time :(

  3. ??? Why is this the upvoted response lol? Aren't you curious as to the WHY? Or are you afraid of the potential answer?

  4. why is this starterpack so angry/hateful? whoever made this needs to talk to someone

  5. I'm 27 and my entire family still has Google Map Location Sharing turned on. I've never found it weird or have anyone make comments about it

  6. Too many people go to the ER for stuff that isn't an emergency like stomach aches. Also people go to Urgent care for stuff that is very clearly an emergency like a heart attack.

  7. Most embarrassing moment of my life... I started getting abdominal pains on a flight. When I landed, they just got worse. The next morning I was in the most pain I'd ever been in in my entire life. Went to the Urgent Care, they had no idea what was happening and sent me to the Emergency Room. They thought my spleen had ruptured. Doc at the ER took one look at me and said "it's just a stomach ache, you'll be fine".

  8. It says "couple" in the title of the post... How are you surprised by the photos knowing that?

  9. I'd still wait, we haven't hit the *oh shit massive panic* moment in the mainstream yet

  10. At this moment (like today, May 20th 2022) we're going through an extremely weird time in the corporate world. Tech companies are putting on hiring freezes which is VERY unusual for the industry. Home, rent, vehicle, grocery, gas, etc prices are still going up up up. When this happens, historically it means we're about to see a serious recession and mass layoffs... I hope that's not the case but buckle your seatbelts for the next few months

  11. Great game, but absolutely does not need a sequel. Would much rather see something new (like a horror game?) come out of Kojima Studios, they're a very talented studio.

  12. lol. you're going to be more than fine. You can easily find a nice place in san francisco proper without a roommate with that salary

  13. We have disability laws in a similar vein though. Even if no one working at an office building (in the US) is handicapped, there MUST be accessibility provided like ramps. Even if everyone working there/building the building doesn't want ramps, by law they have to include them.

  14. ... what a dickhead response. This is a subreddit for asking people in San Francisco questions, do you comment this on every post here?

  15. 200 dollars per year? incredibly cheap. That's like 50 cents per day

  16. You can tip on their machine you just tell them how much if I remember correctly. It’s a bit awkward but it’s possible. The rate on the meter is right in front of you and typically the driver will ask “How much?” You can tell them the exact rate or however much more you want to tip. Not a perfect system by any means but it’s cheaper than the alternatives

  17. Yeah that makes sense, I just think there's a lot of young people today who have never taken a taxi ride before, as crazy as that sounds. If YoTaxi could implement payment on the app I think more people would be happy with it. That's definitely a big appeal of Uber/Lyft, you can do it all from the app without having to worry about swiping your card or bringing cash

  18. Chronicle put out an article a few days ago saying the scooter companies are rolling out tech that will detect if you're riding on a sidewalk and cap you to 3mph. Hopefully it works!

  19. Why does this matter? Seriously? What do you get out of knowing a random address?

  20. Also, people don’t know how inflation works. Haha “shit was only 5¢ back in 1910! $5 is insane!”

  21. It's more than just inflation my man. Back in 2009, you could get the 3 taco combo for 4.19. Today, it costs 6.69.

  22. lol, search both gascon and boudin by name in the san francisco subreddit and you'll see people post about boudin at almost 100x the rate. there's a very weird hate boner this subreddit has for him specifically, not his policies otherwise we would have seen the same thing with gascon (who btw was in office for ten years and almost never mentioned on this sub)

  23. reddit really isn’t a good example of this; tiktok or instagram are probably better because they have auto mods in place that will remove your video if it has inappropriate keywords (such as rape) whilst it flags for human moderation. most of the time, it will be reinstated after a human has seen it, but by then you’ve already missed out on a large part of your audience. and if you keep on posting content that gets flagged (like if your content is about victim advocacy), your account will likely get shadowbanned where you won’t get nearly the same amount as views as before.

  24. So why are these tech companies like instagram and tiktok not adding add "r*pe" to words detected by the automod? Their not idiots, they know people are self censoring

  25. 32 gigs is the new normal, sorry guys it's time to upgrade!

  26. Ah the classic first ten or twenty in the iMDB Top 250, and nearly always an English language colour movie from the last thirty years.

  27. Don't forget the protagonist will always be white and male as well

  28. Affordable housing for hundreds in one of the most beautiful places on earth. What a nightmare.

  29. When you cover the entire landscape in nothing but ugly boxes like this it's no longer one of the most beautiful places on earth...

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