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  1. Wo tankst du? Was kostet das Auto? Wie viel km kommst du? Servicekosten? PS? Was kostet volltanken?

  2. Gleichfalls hier. HV im Außendienst. Einer der besten Jobs die ich angefangen habe. Liebe Grüße und frohes fahren!

  3. Fringe....great series, great actor...i'll miss him...

  4. Go to youtube, type jeff nippard. P.h.d in Fitnesseceonimics and does everything with the newest studies on the topic. Would highly recommend checking his videos about form, how to train properly and how often etc.

  5. Cass isn't really an assassin since she has 0 target access and relies on her opponents to walk into her. For this reason her matchups are very polarized, i.e. she stomps matchups where enemies have to be in her range whilst hard losing matchups where she gets hard outranged. If you want to round out your champ pool, viktor is prob the better option.

  6. Second this. I would still take viktor if your main goal is to climb. If you really want to raise your elo you have to maximize your winning chances and with cassio its more decreasing or wont get up much.

  7. A little bit more insight on my vote on viktor.

  8. Also seeing that the recipe for the generator is not working (before adding a new mod).

  9. A bit late but maybe you'll read it!

  10. Having a great physique but lacking the upper inner chest. Any recommendations?

  11. I love art like this that transfer the feeling purely by how good someone is at art. Really well done op.

  12. Andante spianato from chopin. Its an intro to a polonaise but thats probably a bit out of your wish but the andante is with its 4 minutes probably one of the most beatiful piano pieces thst exist.

  13. Maybe a different approach tho. I dont know how long the side effects of chemo are BUT if there is a chance of reminission(if thats the word for it) i would not waste a single more day to go into chemo. Why? Well, if its curable, set your lifetime against itself. What is one really rough year compared to another 20 years with your wife and kids? Yes it will feel like hell probably. Yes its not fair. Yes it sucks reallt really hard.

  14. Not for that long actually. Just completly new to the whole app-dating-thing.

  15. I took the premium for one month to test

  16. Ich wünsche dir von Herzen den Ernst deiner Situation zu sehen und zu handeln, bevor der Moment kommt, an welchem du es gerne würdest, aber nicht mehr kannst.

  17. Were you playing offline or the world was on a dedicated server? You can click on Manage saves button in main menu, open up worlds tab, expand the drop down list for your world, select the most recent autobackup and then press restore button.

  18. I launch valheim normally and continue with community server.

  19. Trying to live every day as blissed out as possible!

  20. See, suffering an ailment? Understandable.

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