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Republicans are Shameful. Full Stop.

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  1. Hope they have fun watching their team play in the Citrus bowl instead of the playoffs

  2. No they got sent to the Orange Bowl to play Clemson.

  3. Orange bowl, that's right, same color as their ugly ass jerseys

  4. Vols fans so salty Minnesota is thinking of using them on the roads to melt all the ice

  5. As much as I know it won't happen, I want him to win it so bad, proud of him and all he's accomplished even with all the haters. He's a DGD

  6. This is still my favorite racing game ever, I spent a lot of time looking for shortcuts and playing the hill climb

  7. It was in the gourmet section. Something written in Italian I guess. Thought it would be something cool.

  8. This was a no win situation for the administration. If they go on strike then the economy is in the toilet, thousands of people are unemployed, and inflation takes off again, plus that torpedoes them in 2024.

  9. Exactly, either they allow the workers to go on strike and everyone bitches about the cost of everything going up or not having enough supplies, or they don't allow the workers to go on strike and everyone bitches about how unfair the workers are treated. It's not like the workers are walking away with nothing, they're just not walking away with everything they wanted.

  10. I'm confused, when they say sick leave are they asking for days that they take off for being sick to be paid for? Isn't that what PTO is for? Every job I have ever had if you took a sick day you had to use a vacation day if you wanted to get paid for it. Do they not get PTO?

  11. Is making fun of someone's appearance criticism? It reads more like just being a dick.

  12. It's a month old account, it's just some dipshit basement dweller trying to stir shit up because they have no life. Best to just block idiots like that and not waste your time because it'll get you nowhere.

  13. So this dipshit stood in line for an hour to "vote" on a ticket where he already knew who the two candidates were and then decided not to vote because he didn't like either candidate? Not a very smart person but then again he's republican so it's not surprising.

  14. It's only socialism when it doesn't benefit them. Should just let Texas secede from the country like they want then sit back and laugh as they realize how stupidly dependent they are on federal funds and assistance.

  15. What's the O/U for how many times Gary pitches for Bama to be in the playoffs?

  16. I'm a disabled vet, I smoke to help with my depression and anxiety. My doctor is 100% supportive of it because even he thinks it's a better option than prescribed meds. So these clowns can kick rocks.

  17. This traitorous walking bag of shit should be in a jail cell, not doing a fucking podcast spreading more lies. Our legal system is a fucking joke

  18. I remember going to the Harry Potter one when I was in middle school and thought it was the coolest thing, it's a bummer I can't share the same experience with my kids now.

  19. Get a ride on lawn mower with a plow on the front then you can use it for mowing in the spring and summer

  20. Must be why a broken heart feels like going through withdrawals

  21. I'll prob get downvoted but we tip at Papa Murphy's, they are always happy to see us and give us extra toppings

  22. Exactly, you don't have to tip, but workers recognize those that do and usually do a little extra as appreciation.

  23. Which is so very much part of the problem.

  24. I can't speak for everyone else but I never went out of my way to screw with someone's food for not leaving a tip. Now if you're a total douchebag the entire time and write some bullshit on the tip line then I might make sure the next time you come in you get the service that matches your attitude. I don't think people should feel obligated to tip just to get better service but should tip to show there appreciation for the quality of service received.

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