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  1. It says they are on the side of the track. No one is going to get hurt.

  2. That's not what it says, I thought it was a trick question.

  3. Why is Philippines flag flipped, isn't that their war flag?

  4. my guesses, Philippines, Czech republic, Denmark, Ireland, naval ensign of Italy, Norway, Congress Poland, Switzerland, cant figure out those two, England, Indonesia, Japan, the Netherlands, Saxony, Sweden, the United States, Belgium, dont know, Greece, Lebanon, the Don Republic, Scotland, lastly the Castilian flag, i think

  5. The inverted yellow star Solomon Islands was the only wrong flag

  6. Being an Indian in this comment section feels so weird. We used to get beat up from our parents a lot.

  7. Cold hearted: No, I'm just being honest but I guess I could be one

  8. Ah yes I like your Filipino accent can you repeat that? "Sikan plor"

  9. Sort of midway between normal and barely. It's natural as human beings to have emotions, It's just uncomfortable and pointless in some way to express them because there's something much more better. It's also that I prefer to process these emotions to myself (if I have to share probably just people I trust) because most of the time no one would have any clue whatsoever on what that is

  10. One is a school group that I never truly hold deep closeness with and the other is the most comfortable and I can truly consider "friends"

  11. My INFJ friend once joked INFJ's can be a Jesus figure one day and a Hitler figure in the next

  12. When you're stuck in a group of people gossiping. They just talk about gossips. It's not about "ew small talk 🤢🤮", it's about honesty. I feel like most IxTJs are pretty honest, so that's why I think it's one of the worst place to be. Also I'm 15, so I don't have that much experience in life, haha.

  13. No, because people don't wait for you to react, unlike IRL.

  14. In my case, they still expect people to react. Eh, I still ignore them I don't have time for that gossiping anyway

  15. And the Philippines, fucking INTJ's nightmare

  16. Yeah, I'm stuck here in the Philippines and for the love of God get me out of here

  17. Everyday rice. 1-2 scoops partnered with mostly sauteed veggies or meat.

  18. That depends. If someone did something petty it'd also be petty if I took revenge so I just let it slide or talk about it. If it's big like destroying something I worked on for way too long best believe I'll be plotting my revenge and watching it all unfold would be nice

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