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[Schefter] Former 49ers’ defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans and the Houston Texans reached agreement today on a six-year deal, per sources. Texans have their new head coach.

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  1. The wounds are self inflicted. MLB is run by a bunch of clowns.

  2. google is advocating on their own behalf, not yours. If not with them, with someone else who does provide the exact specific thing I want.

  3. You think MLB is advocating on your behalf? That’s rich.

  4. Funny use of we. I haven’t bought or sold anything for 9 months.

  5. Next bill estimated at $300. That’s keeping thermostat at 69 during the day and 66 at night.

  6. If the CPUC even remotely had their act together, they would have spread out the spikes in commodity rates over 6-12 months to minimize the consumer impact.

  7. Natural Gas in the US used to be a fairly domestic market. Now it is a worldwide market. Prices will go down soon as Natural Gas Futures have plummeted even earlier than exepcted.

  8. Very good explanation, and you can add that under current state rules, market costs are passed directly through to the customer. Used to be that gas companies could sign long term contracts that protected customers from price spikes, but that was abandoned by the state some years ago.

  9. Look at the market 12 months after any arbitrary point in time across history and I’d bet it’s up 71%+ of the time. That’s just the reality of a market that has trended up and to the right almost uniformly throughout history. Confounding variables bro

  10. Hey, you have no faith in financial doodads and colorful squiggly lines? What’s wrong with you.

  11. OP proving he knows nothing about how gas is priced.

  12. Really? Everyone I know that bought or sold with carvana loved the experience.

  13. There are few worse business models than this. Bankruptcy is the only logical outcome.

  14. Anyone using self driving is too stupid to be out in public.

  15. According to Family Guy John Wayne ate steak for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; makes sense considering he had over 40 lbs of impacted fecal matter during his autopsy. Calls on impacted fecal matter and enlarged colons due to less plant based meats being consumed.

  16. Love how the trash haulers were so deeply offended.

  17. I would also not buy CD's if they were the only investment vehicle in the world lol

  18. ESPN doesnt have any influence on who the NCAA punishes give me a break - the NCAA is made up of member institutions most of which aren’t primarily associated with ESPN anyway. Why people insist on conspiratorial theories Ill never lnow.

  19. Are you kidding? Must be a corporate lackey for Disney.

  20. Is no one going to start telling us how this POS can be redeemed and deserves second and third chances?

  21. That’s what happens when you let idiots hold a microphone.

  22. Someone remind this douchebag a kicker saved their ass.

  23. Can’t wait for a 15 minute commercial because the dreaded blue screen just showed up.

  24. instead of nit picking, you should contact the journalist and ask them to include this information in his story to provide more context.

  25. There are no journalists working at newspapers anymore. At best you get a third year intern.

  26. There is absolutely no inventory. Not that the Register is capable of any common sense conclusions.

  27. Those are the same people who think rap music is dangerous and say Colin Kaepernick should keep politics out of football

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