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  1. That's what I'm figuring. It's got me wanting to find a second pickguard for another archtop I have!

  2. You would hang out with him more often...

  3. I would if he was in town! We used to play together a good bit when he was in town (he's a sax player).

  4. Doesn't get much better than an old Gretsch! I love my Clipper

  5. It's killer. Goes from clean and bell like Merle Travis tones to harsh and clanky dirty blues that would sit well on Maxwell Street.

  6. Got a G30 112 combo and love it. Good clean for steel and a great pedal platform but my favorite use of it is recording bass. Run a hollow body bass through it and click the distortion knob so it's just barely on and you've got warm buddery goodness.

  7. I saw you got the pine tar bars, but I recommend the Birchwood breeze or wood barrel bourbon for that kind of texture. It's medium grit but there is more small pieces than the big chunks of oatmeal

  8. Got those too, will try after the pine tar is done. Just hope they're scratchy enough.

  9. I have nothing to do with this subreddit but- that sounds painful… 64 bit?

  10. Not like a super coarse sandpaper, like a fine grit one. Kinda like using a loofah but it's built into the bar.

  11. Late to answer but that style octave pedal usually farts out the higher in pitch you get on guitar (even the boss one does it) and think the lowest note on the mandolin is right in the highest range for it. What ya need is a polyphonic octave pedal, like an EHX Pog or one of the cheaper knock offs. Will handle the range of the mandolin and works better with chords too (not all garbily). Use an Ammoon Octa myself and love it for the price.

  12. I’ll look into those. I’m trying to build pedals and stay away from buying them. Once I get my electric octave mandolin I have pre-ordered I’ll have no reason to try to emulate one on my mandolin. I’m pretty curious to learn what kinds of distortion sound good or bad at high pitch and on double strings. The cheap octaver is still fun to mess with on guitar so it’s repurposed for that.

  13. You can get some pretty cool chorusy warbles double strings and the right grit while bending. Josh Homme uses a 9 string guitar on a song (lower 3 are singles and top three are doubled same note) and it sounds pretty awesome when he moves to the top strings. Can really hear it around the 4:45 mark

  14. Little late to post but maybe that's a good thing? How are you liking it now? Thinking about starting a payment plan for the 20 watt one that'll ship in April. Been using vintage Harmony amps (blue faux Kustom tuck n roll) for years and want to have something that's a little more reliable than these press board ones.

  15. You could use any pickup, really, especially blade pickups. Lace also makes a thin one you could put on a panel attached with double-sided VHB tape to the underside of your pickguard.

  16. Found a good deal on the ultra slim so I bit the bullet. Figure if it doesn't work out for the mandolin I've got a few other stringed instruments that'll work perfect with it.

  17. Have you considered just using an sm57/58? Sounds like that is gonna be your best bet to me

  18. Usually would mic it but this'll be a loud outdoor gig. Also I'll be running through an amp and switching back and forth between lapsteel and mandolin.

  19. Sounds really good! How did you know to mount it on the inside as opposed to the front face? I wonder would it would sound like mount on the front? That’s where I have mine in my acoustic sitar. My electric travel has regular guitar pickups because I was trying to avoid feeding back when playing gigs at high volume.

  20. Thanks! I used a stick on double piezo pickup on my other sitar for gigs and it sounded great. You can kind of see it in this picture (thought I had a better pic with it on there but I just took it off and put it on a mandolin)

  21. Have two I use for duplication (Sony TC-WE305 and Onkyo TA-W111). Was just given a JVC TD-W201 the other day (still need to see if it works) so maybe three soon. Hopefully yay three tapes at once soon!

  22. Guessing this applies to those cheap electric sitars that pop up for around $400? Looking to get one as a fixer upper project and wondering if I should spend the extra to get one on Amazon prime so that it'll get here at a reasonable time.

  23. wa27 says:

    That looks slower than 16 rpm. How did you get it so slow?

  24. Slow mo filming. Was the easiest way I could think of for filming a spinning shot lol

  25. I've checked that on my end and I'm confirmed. Asked a couple of friends who got it to check in on theirs, will see what they say. Just weird that it would happen 4 times in a week.

  26. Only the US, which makes the international regulations part weird. I'm in the US too.

  27. The album just came out today. First happened with a preorder of a cassette, and just happened with a digital purchase. Here's a link to the album:

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