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  1. I’m 6’5 I wouldn’t date someone that short. I’d look like I belong on a register of a certain kind

  2. I’m afraid not. You’ll have to wait for it to come to you.

  3. I’m 6’5 probably given away in the name. height has never given me any adavantage so far. i wouldn’t say I’m good looking but I’m not that bad so I dunno what girls see in it to be honest

  4. Believe me, as a 6'3" guy, it's a big leg up. I added 6'3 to my bio. Went from getting barely any matches to getting enough that I don't even really need to swipe anymore. I feel for my short brothers but I'm 100% using every advantage I have lol.

  5. Ha fair enough. i’ll be sure to put my height in my Bio then

  6. It would also Increase the Amount of forest fires if mainstreamed into the Forestry and gardening line of work

  7. Sports gambling turned into buying up stocks, and vacation homes

  8. Full On back to the Future 2, with all that sports gambling. Shame you don’t get to bring a guide book back with you, so lets hope you have 10 years worth of sports memory

  9. Ditch my abusive ex and focus on my mental health

  10. Always a good choice. Probably would have chosen not to enter that relationship myself

  11. Don’t mind having a new friend would be nice. :)

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