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J.K. Rowling slams transgender activists for posting her home address on Twitter

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  1. I don’t understand the appeal of tainted lost. You can be unfairly screwed over by so many things. I could see playing him for difficulty, but a main point a lot of people make is that t lost have high dmg and better items. I like t keeper for this reason. He can actually recover from bullshit and no matter how broken you are he still dies in two hits 99% of the time. Seems like the better challenge character to me.

  2. I don't think it's an issue with the character, but the way the game is (meant to be?) played by most people, which is to get all unlocks. I love playing t. lost now that I've 100%'ed everything and I don't really care about losing that much anymore. It's just a fun challenge, whereas before dying at the end would feel like having wasted 30 minutes

  3. Okay, I'll be that guy. Can we please not remember a guy who just died with low-effort karma farming memes, references and jokes.

  4. Okay I'll be that guy. People like to grief in different ways. Meatloaf was a wild guy, I'm sure he would've loved being remembered with a joke or a laugh.

  5. It's so they can be a news story for free publicity

  6. Season 1 episode 25 1:59 “yeah I gotta find a new place to live. My dad wants me to leave the nest so he feels less weird that his girlfriend is 20.”

  7. Props to you for going the extra mile my friend

  8. I've heard rumors those products were made for people with disabilities like parkinson's.

  9. A lot of them definitely are, but a lot are also just useless products that solve problems nobody has

  10. Because people like you get him in the spotlight. He knows he will get attention from doing this stuff, so he keeps doing it. You're not dunking on people like him, Nikocado or Onision by sharing their dumb shit, they'll do the grossest or meanest shit just to get you yo share it and say: "Wow, what an asshole" because it works wonders.

  11. Beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice, see it’s not real you fu afanfnfjrjfkraftjyptjdbdvsvecw

  12. Sweet of him to finish sending the message :)

  13. Als iemand geen richting aangeeft in de auto. Ooh dat is een rare auto. Die heeft geen richtingaanwijzers.

  14. Ja maar dat moet ik doen om mijn woede te uiten

  15. Again a large violent group of people who wanted to overturn a democratic election. What would you call them?

  16. The nazi's were also fiercely anti-gun. If anything describes crazy rightwingers, anti-gun definitely isn't it. Does that mean people who are anti-gun can be labelled as nazi's? Of course not. So why do so when people are trying to overturn a democratic election? (Something that definitely hasn't been coined by nazi's, trying to overturn elections have been a thing since elections)

  17. I see a lot of people on here arguing that you should show her that Pitbulls are too dangerous, but that's kind of missing the point. She thinks her future dog probably to be as harmless as you think your cat is. There is a very slim chance that she'll turn her mind around instantly. I obviously don't know what steps you've taken by this point, but I'd advice to first really have a heart-to-heart with either of them and just tell them that you're deathly afraid of something happening to your best friend and maybe try to find a compromise in a less dangerous breed of dog.

  18. Those look great! Wish I could make those!

  19. Waar ben je heen oooh Dween Ben zo alleen zonder jouuuu

  20. About bloody time EU starts passing this legislation. The laws we currently have are beyond stupid, forcing people to hide while smoking like petty criminals, and to buy weed off of shady dealers on the street corner. Finally consuming marijuana will be recognized as a everyday leisure activity that it has been for thousands of years.

  21. To be fair, here in the Netherlands we have had legalized weed for quite a while, but the dealer business is HUGE here because it's much cheaper and better. Ask someone who knows a dealer to pass you a number and you get 6.

  22. Toxic players at low level had disgust all my friends because now they think heroes are seems LOL... And in my opinion, I have played more game with funny boy/girl than cancer man.

  23. The comment to which you are replying is what is called "concern trolling" this guy doesnt give a shit about JK Rowling or the legal consequences to the people who "doxxed" her. This is a bunch of nonsense that muddies the waters around the core issue: JK Rowling is a very public figure who is suffering extremely minor consequences for being openly transphobic and is squirming under the pressure. She is just trying to throw people off the main narrative: that she is openly bigoted towards trans people and will do anything to justify it. She has previously used her own history of assault and trauma to try and justify it. Which is insulting to other survivors of assault who do not become hateful towards the demographics of their assailants. She is using this "doxxing" "scandal" to distract people from her hateful rhetoric and to insulate herself form the consequences of openly holding morally reprehensible attitudes towards a group of people who are already disproportionately victimized.

  24. Jesus Christ you're making A LOT of assumputions

  25. The problem with the quote is that it puts the impetus on the depressed person.

  26. Breaking depression is extremely hard and I mean EXTREMELY hard, but staying in a dark room all day and secluding yourself is only making it worse. Of course you can't just wake up one day and decide to change your life around, but you yourself are the only one who can really get yourself out of it.

  27. Obviously, if one has the ability to try, one should try – and there's nothing wrong with putting information out there. The quote is just a bit iffy.

  28. I definitely agree that the statement can seem tonedeaf when coming from a guy that has so much more opportunity to get himself out of that depression

  29. Gematigd alcoholgebruik en harddrugsgebruik is wel even een verschilletje hoor.

  30. Gematigd zeg je, maar ik kan gewoon elke dag van de week stomdronken thuiskomen en dat heeft zeker een groter effect op me dan een pilletje XTC

  31. Random Guy: How did you find me? I thought NordVPN would keep me safe online!

  32. That's genius! I have the same password on ny luggage!

  33. Volgens mij was hij ook groomer, maar dat weet ik niet zeker.

  34. Zeker. Heb ooit in een Skype call gezeten met hem en een paar vrienden. Hij maakte steeds questionable innuendo's naar een 12 jarige vriend van me.

  35. Werkelijk waar geen idee hoe dat tot stand kwam. Voorgenaamde vriend had hem in een call en vroef paar andere mensen om ook te joinen om met hem te dollen, maar kwam er al snel achter dat dat zeker niet voor herhaling vatbaar was.

  36. Shit, they brought back Mist Noble, hardest boss in the series

  37. Damn, that was clean as hell AND you got it on video. Mad jealous

  38. OG DS3 was so much more intriguing than the final product. Crazy serpents in the sky, sacrifice rituals, time of day changes, Pontiff final boss in the untended graves. Sick shit

  39. Probably changed the final fight to get a boss that signals the end of Dark Souls. Pontiff is cool, but obviously just centered around Dark Souls 3. Soul of Cinder is in my opinion the coolest final boss yet lorewise

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