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  1. Auto pilot… it’s not a perfect design but we are working on it

  2. Exchange isnt able to provide quotes on stocks ? Could be issue with major market makers or some other tech issue.

  3. I believe the Pres. of NYSE states last year, they have no idea What the real Price of meme stocks are as so much is traded through the dark pool and other means.

  4. Why did they fire the Merrill lynch guy buy not Gasparino for how he treats humans?

  5. What horror! Entire civilizations put to sleep instantly!

  6. Take it out! Take it out! It’s completely burnt! Ruined perfectly good wiener.

  7. In the brother's defence, now whenever OP will remember his mother's funeral sadness is not the only emotion he will feel.

  8. We laugh and laugh and laugh. It’s such a good memory. We Don’t know if it will ever be topped

  9. My god dam brother did this to me at OUR MOTHERS FUNERAL! My ears are turning red now thinking about it.

  10. The issue is tuition rates have exploded because the government is willing to issue the loans. If you’re a for profit University why wouldn’t you inflate the costs if you knew a bunch of gullible 18 years olds would buy your non refundable service.

  11. “Non-refundable purchase” I’m still dub gib mes mines monies back.

  12. There has got to be an easier way to Access the secret level

  13. IMO the 19 should cook once a week.

  14. Just give him his own fur and he will leave you be. Should be ashamed hoarding it all on your face like that

  15. As long as he didn’t put that in writing your accusations have no merit. Innocent your honor till further evidence surfaces.

  16. I think they say we all have 7 likenesses on planet

  17. Yeh, looks like he was crying like a bitch, he was a tough guy when he was yelling at those young girls

  18. He wasn’t crying. Good lord he was tired and didn’t get the energy boost from the drink he threw.

  19. You spelled captors wrong. That MFer knows what’s up.

  20. Okay but what is it used for? Half these posts leave me unsatisfied because I still don't know what's happening.

  21. Metal worker. So expanded Metal is often used for say like a grate cover or something like filler for a door or box wall. HATED welding it into the like angle iron. Think of chain link fence but stronger more rigid.

  22. What are the Greeks sorry if I am ignorant but always ready to learn new things.

  23. Thanks for the help more complicated than I thought,this is something I will have to study a long time before I T r y

  24. Don’t feel intimidated by them. It’s really just a matter of finding the person that explains them so you understand it.

  25. You’ve heard.. “ more than one way to skin a cat” ?

  26. It’s incredible but when a train wheel amputates a body part, the heat from the weight and compression cauterizes the wound.

  27. This has got to be one of the worst things I have learned in the last decade. For reference I used to be a mortician. I’ve seen real things not some video either.

  28. I’m down way more than that. Settle down and enjoy the ride.

  29. If not this election then the next

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