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  1. Ora maybe it was an old patch were enfeable provided status res reduction

  2. Why would status resist do anything to a buff ?

  3. I'd recommend taking a look at BCG Business matrix. It's an idea in management about categorization of a company's products and what we should do with each category.

  4. Like valve need dota money to feed anything...

  5. He got downvoted because it's a dumb take without any empathy. Like you said SF had just cause to do what he did, no one wants to play with a griefing team mate, especially one that set him up to completely lose the lane from min 0. Even real world court cases have juries because of this reason and things aren't just cut and dry, he broke this law do X sentence.

  6. Imagine you are on a bus with 4 other people.

  7. E has been freezing your own hands for a few years now. Old school dota player ?:D

  8. So basically DotA it's more demanding macro-wise right? Dunno if that term is used here, but I think I got the idea, thanks!

  9. Yeah league is more micro/skillshot intensive while dota is more focused on macro. The meta is a lot more fluid in Dota also. Most heroes can be played at different position. Monkey king for example was played as a support, mid, carry and offlaner (which is similar to top lane) at last TI

  10. That's exactly what I wanted to say. What would be their issue with people having sex in the first place ? Honestly it's such bs tho just check people contraceptive or smth. This is so deeply unnecessary.

  11. You realize this is about a 500+ days space travel never done before, not a summer camp ?

  12. CDPR didn’t have a good track record though.

  13. Feels like they went a little light on the cho’gath nerfs, honestly. Probably needed a bit more.

  14. Unstable evolution, ascension and underdogs nerfs are also chogath nerfs

  15. On the pcgaming subreddit people are saying Square is charging $70 or 80 Euros for FFVII remake. Which is absurd considering it's 2 years old by now. Shitty paid for exclusives are a cancer to gaming.

  16. It's not a "People are saying" thing it's literally written on the front page of the EGS

  17. What's wrong with it? I know it's situational, but on cooldown dependent Heroes in the right situation it's not bad.

  18. Cd reduction doesn't stack anymore. So octarine is better most of the time.

  19. Requirement for getting experience: having experience.

  20. Depends where you live. Here if you vaguely know how to code and have a pulse I can find you 3-4 position in half a day

  21. France ! Which might be a bit far to relocate I guess. But you might even find full remote jobs on various time zones based in Europe. The software engineer drought is real

  22. If you have strong boards you’ll still be coming out on top overall since the other players will be having the same thing happen with the players who are open forting.

  23. The point is not coming out on top or not overall. I don't really doubt that it evens out and doesn't affect winrates.

  24. I mean that just means both your boards are weak. You shouldn’t be playing to rely on your teammate you should be trying to win first so you can help your teammate. If you are consistently both getting double teamed that means there’s enough people in your lobby / lobbies that are that much more powerful than you.

  25. It just has such good reviews, I can’t even progress past the point I’m at. Think I’m trying to push some ideological gang member to open a gate or something.

  26. Don't be afraid to fail dice rolls, sometimes you have to.

  27. Here’s the thing right. If you don’t want to fight, or are getting really badly beaten, running us the smart thing to do.

  28. That's really dependent on game genra.

  29. If you're talking about solo queue I agree., it's way less common than people think.

  30. Yup you're totally right 4k+ party ranked is just a smurf contest. But as usual people queuing strict solo in archon will know better...

  31. Youre gonna have to elaborate it does 2k fucking damage with just the 15 talent… who exactly out trades him?

  32. Who the fuck cares about max level battery assault with talent. 1v1 support battle are important level 1 to 4

  33. Helm of the overlord WAS NOT NERFED.

  34. Consensus on grim is that putting ink swell at 4 second was a nerf. So yeah he just got buffed. Rebalanced would have been ok I guess...

  35. Ils relancent leurs réacteurs nucléaires bientôt.

  36. C'est lent mais ils ont commencé en 2015

  37. We fire our AR-15s into the air before and after meals too to thank baby Jesus for being born american and making us the greatest country to ever exist.

  38. Sometimes it feels like half of the US would do exactly that, without any irony.

  39. this speaks more about the culture in the tech world than anything else. doctors dont get excuses for failing a surgery, civil engineers dont get a free pass on a bridge collapse, etc.

  40. It's clearly worse in the software industry. But civil engineering projects are riddled with defects when they just finished construction.

  41. It doesn't really matter, there's no way people earning 10x more from donos than from ads

  42. Ads are a negligible portion of revenue on twitch in a lot of countries. Subs is where the money is coming from. Most french streamers disabled ads on twitch when it's possible, yet you can find a few on the list

  43. rofl they probably never heard of dota or TI... second guy is clearly reading off a prompt despite it being 1 line. if anything, i'd find this insulting if i was a PSG player

  44. Neymar is global in CS:GO. Seems unlikely he never heard of Dota

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