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  1. Edit: deal no longer available. Only non E version still at the price I mentioned

  2. Link? I’m guessing you’re referring to the non E model.

  3. No, you’re right. There was a deal there a bit back for the E version. It’s only the non E now

  4. Both. I wear the bracelet during warm months and the leather during colder ones

  5. I want one yet I don’t? I’ve heard they are heavy but it’s also a hell of a rifle too

  6. They are excellent rifles. The Sig 516 is another good option if you are wanting a similar piston setup without such a hefty price tag

  7. Rksurplus has them but you’d be ordering from overseas.

  8. Paid RKS almost 4 months ago and it said in stock and still haven’t received from them. Every time I reach out they tell me it will ship in a couple more weeks. Couple more weeks. Should arrive end of next week. Then silence. Shady ass company. I won’t give them another penny. I do appreciate the looking out though

  9. Oh man. That’s annoying. I know their stateside site is usually good to go. I figured their other one would be too but it sure doesn’t sound like it

  10. This was from RKS USA actually. Not a chance I’m dealing with their international sites

  11. Dibs priority goes to someone buying the set? Or selling individually as a first come first serve?

  12. Any special ways to remove a handguard? I’ve tried removing a BCM handguard and can’t get the cross bolts out. Have twisted 3 torx bits even with heat. Have also tried hitting it with my wife’s purse and it didn’t help either

  13. You are prolly doing it right, but I hafta ask to make sure... You're trying to turn the round fastener first, not the star shaped one, right?

  14. Would prefer V4, but might consider a V7. What do you have?

  15. You wouldn’t be saying how good the engine was anywhere outside of the US lol. There’s scrap yards full of disco 3s with cracked engine blocks! As a result they’re worth almost nothing when they do work. I saw one sell for under 2 grand the other day

  16. Assuming you are talking about the engine options outside of the 4.4L V8?

  17. Honestly don’t really care if it melts, thing cost less than the 1-2 rounds I’m going to be sending past it

  18. Past it. The rounds do not travel through the flashlight.

  19. Misread it. I read it as the flashlight costs less than the 1-2 rounds he was going to be sending past the raccoon.

  20. Where in WA you located? Might be interested

  21. Yeah. Like a year ago they had a big sale for bakelite AK mags in "great condition". Most people got stuff that was scratched and gouged to shit and looked hideous.

  22. Sounds like the HK91 mags I ordered from Atlantic Firearms last month. “Good to very good condition”. Apparently dented, gouged and rusty is “good to very good”

  23. Airbags going off doesn’t mean “beyond repair”. It usually means an insurance company will total the car out though.

  24. Completely depends on which state you’re in

  25. Peak esthetic to me is surefire handguard + A2 stock with irons

  26. It’s actually Reese’s but my iPhone 4 doesn’t like when I post to Reddit and drive at the same time

  27. Just to clarify, this is just the scope, right? Mount not included?

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