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  1. Frost DK is performing really well atm.

  2. Can’t you dark transform before garg/apoc and the buff still applies to them?

  3. Wow, thanks for all this advice! I really appreciate you taking the time to write this out :)

  4. Also just buy a used AC there’s always people selling them for cheap, just make sure to give it a good filter cleaning

  5. Update: code was for the intake solenoid. Pulled it out and cleaned it and the problem is 99% gone now. Still going to order the part along with some other things I need but at least I can get though the week now. Thanks for all the help guys.

  6. Swap the vanos solenoids and see if the code follows the vanos solenoid or not.

  7. Okay I’m going to clean them and try swapping as well!

  8. This is why you always check the dipstick after you went in for service (oil changes, multi-point inspections, fluid checks, tire rotations etc.) if it’s still dark black oil hasn’t been changed and if it’s a golden honey color on the dipstick the oil has been changed. The owner could of prevented all of this if he checked the oil dipstick, also the dipstick is not just for checking the oil level, it’s also used to analyze the color of the oil as well.

  9. PLEASE get in contact with Toyota’s corporate offices and show them all the pictures you’ve got of the damage/level of neglect and the dealership’s service records cuz the condition the car is in DOES NOT reflect the amount of service the dealership is claiming they’ve provided and they’ve 100% been ripping your parents off. This is PROOF of fraud on their end and Toyota WILL make it right if you get in contact with them and show them what’s happened provided you don’t wait long enough for the dealership to cover their ass. I wouldn’t let these guys TOUCH your parent’s car again or say another word to them until you’ve gotten corporate involved.

  10. As someone who just resubbed and was excited about solo shuffle the 20m+ queue times really ruins it for me. I find the matches very fun but when you have a busy life irl as a casual it’s hard to justify your gaming time going towards sitting in queue. I would have leveled a class with a healing spec if I knew how bad it was.

  11. Its not too late to go heals. I'm doing prevoker now for alt comp on 3s, after i hit 2.1 w/ warr

  12. Im thinking about Druid or monk although I have a pally at 45. It sucks because I’m finally getting into a groove on my dk and it’s a class I was really excited to play for the first time.

  13. e1p1 says:

    On the earlier Ravs with the 4 cylinder I believe it also called for synthetic oil to avoid sludge buildup.

  14. Apparently they did get the car running although my parents are done with the car and want to sell it now. I’m just doing some due diligence. It is the 4 pot in this car though so I think you and the other posters who have brought up low quality oil may be onto something. I’ll probably be able to access some of the records tonight.

  15. strange the filter looks brand new hmmm

  16. The plot thickens… what do you think about the poor oil quality theory?

  17. Def have it in a pb milkshake or smoothie, or just make fire crackers with it

  18. You can just blend abv in a smoothie and it'll get you stoned? I'm new here and just ate my first firecracker but I love smoothies

  19. I spent years chasing a fix for the burst/bulging discs that showed up on MRIs. Cortisone shots, traction machines, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage - absolutely nothing helped at all. It just got worse.

  20. What kind of warning signs did you have before you got to the point where you needed the MRI?

  21. Thank you for the kind words. I have disc herniation L4/L5 with some damage to the spine. I was on Tramcet before and now switched to a stronger gabapentine.

  22. Hey man how did your injury happen? Sorry I can’t be of any help.

  23. Although it didn't work for me, thanks for the fix! :)

  24. Do you know if it's even using your gpu? Been stuck with WSOD, this trick got me to the main menu with the game in a small windowed mode, but then it gives me the fps message. However I notice that it still doesn't appear to be using my GPU even though I have set it to use my GPU.

  25. I also set it to use the GPU in the nvidia control panel, but I think I'm having the same issue where it just refuses to use it. I have no way of verifying this, but I suspect it could be because the card is simply so old it lacks some certain newer technology, so the game just can't use it.

  26. Same here man I ended up refunding the game unfortunately. On the hunt for a ps5 now

  27. Can’t speak for everyone but it’s boring…. Unless your social group is moving you are alone

  28. Key is to have a family I think, long term at least.

  29. I just bought a F10 535ix recently ( yeah I know market is crazy ) I wanted the 3.0l engine so I looked at the smaller&bigger brothers ( 1,2,3,4,6,7 series ) and personally for me the 5 series was the best fit. Enough space for my needs, more than enough power to be honest. If I could afford, I would have bought an M or 550i just for the love of the sounds.

  30. I have an e90 auto and always regret not waiting to find a nice manual car, other than that I love the car but I always think about selling it for a manual. Just wondering why you didn’t enjoy the manual as much on your e90?

  31. Well I have been droving manuals for a couple of years before my first auto. And for me auto is godlike. I can put my Auto in Manual but can you put a Manual into Auto ?

  32. Cheers man thanks for telling me your thoughts!

  33. Looks great for a PR. If it was 85-90% I would say you need to work on leg drive. You could have 405 in a few months with a focus on building legs. Think leg press and stiff leg dead lift for column not strength. Also if you haven’t been adding speed work in your training you have a huge area for quick improvements.

  34. Can you elaborate on the speed work?

  35. No its not the carbohydrate fibers are broken down to shorter chains in smoothies. Even though the macros are the same, the carbs will be absorbed faster by the body which will spike you insulin. Occasionally substituting meals with smoothies isn’t bad but completely substituting meals with smoothies isn’t a good idea.

  36. Can you provide a source or anything where I could read more about this? Genuinely interested

  37. I don’t have studies to link but basically it’s tied to how much porn you watch and how healthy your life is otherwise. If you have no human contact/intimacy in your life and you’re watching porn multiple times a day it’s probably going to fuck you up. In many ways you are rewiring your brain to work within an artificial environment (unhealthy).

  38. my family has a history of male pattern baldness(receding hairline) I'm 26 years old and wanted to do the prevention as well. Micro needling and Minoxidil from Costco or amazon(Kirkland brand) have been doing well so far. Definitely worth a shot. No Dr visits and you can see if that works for you before you go the prescription route

  39. Hey man, did you see regrowth from the micro needling?

  40. Been on fin and dermarolling for 6 months, I don't see any results yet, hairfal is still what it was

  41. This might be it haha. Took my gloves off and my hands were all red and hurting. I was probably holding the handlebar too tightly.

  42. There’s a lot of small things you can adjust besides that as well, I recommend looking up some videos on proper form and ergonomics (setting up the bike to you).

  43. Did anyone else hear Adesanya say he did lines last night to stay up in his post fight interview? Is there another meaning for that?

  44. He's referring to Costa and his wine but turned it up a notch, using humor to disguise how upset he is that he lost. He wore it well though you can tell he wasn't in denial or anything because of that.

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