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  1. Would Monty Python or The Kids in the Hall be considered drag performs in Florida? They often performed and even sang songs in drag.

  2. You know how many Shakespearean plays involve a gender swap?

  3. And the entire goal of the separations was to score points for cruelty with the MAGA base.

  4. Something to try is changing which channel your wifi is on. That's a troubleshooting step for any device with wifi issues, even when other devices connect fine.

  5. Thank you! I'm checking with my internet provider and see something like that: "The BlueCurve Gateway handles your WiFi channel settings automatically, so your WiFi network is always optimized for the best performance".

  6. The router does a terrible job of auto routing. Set it to channel 6. Look up wifi channels and it'll do a better job of explaining it.

  7. Voted weekly but really it's more like 2X per week the last couple of months.

  8. Yes. An on propolinol and triamterin with meclizin and odansetron for rescue dogs. Just got a prescription for betahistine and am waiting for first shipment from Canada to arrive.

  9. I just tried my first SW soap a couple of months ago. Carmilla. Fantastic. Will probably try Lycanthropy next. Definitely in my top 3 performers.

  10. Best not to self diagnose and go to your primary care physician first. There's a number of different things that can cause many of these symptoms.

  11. Going to take a chance on one from Omega. Pretty decent reviews on Amazon (for what it's worth) and only 12 bucks so if no good, then no big loss.

  12. there was one that was recommended by the gentlemens gazzette, check it out

  13. You should not do that on a AWD car. All tires will wear out some what even. And at the point where you need to rotate them, you will need 4 new tires anyway.

  14. That's kind of my feeling as well, but everyone's always saying to do it every other oil change or whatnot, but I guess that has more relevance towards a typical front wheel drive sedan or rwd only car.

  15. Sometimes when I'm in the shower, I'll cross my arms and collect as much water as possible. Then drop it all on the floor

  16. Biggest thing you need to do is start checking the labels of everything. Hidden salt lurks everywhere. Things Like bread, rolls, sauces, seasonings, etc...

  17. I changed my regular electric stove for an induction stove and couldn't be happier. Works better than gas imo. Boils water so fast.

  18. did you have to purchase new cookware?

  19. I had several cast iron pans which all were good to go, but I did have several sauce pans and a boiling pot that no longer did. Wasn't hard to find some decent replacements. Most pans will say on the packaging whether they're good for induction tops.

  20. I've never had that work through the app, but I haven't tried in a while. I thought it was just mine. 22 SEL AWD.

  21. My ENT gave me the list of foods to avoid and MSG was on it as well as the sodium.

  22. I always feel vaguely guilty making fun of Robert Z'dar's abundance of face. Not like something he chose or controlled (look up cherubism). Still though, he leaned into it I think.

  23. Me too. I used to join in because I thought his face was the result of botched face-lifts, not a rare disease. I avoid it now. Edit to include. I think it's remarkable he continued to try and get rolls in movies. Very brave actually.

  24. Parkway? Only asking as it's not a commonly used term and the various definitions can lead to confusion. Anyway, not saying that animals don't cross the road. It's a lot more rare than in the US.

  25. Parkway refers to highways that run through state or county Parkland in the U.S. Parklands are usually large areas protected from development. In the Northeastern US, many of these parkways were built in the early to mid 20th century but as time moved on and urban sprawl occurred, many of these scenic parkways have evolved into heavy commuter roads. There will often be no lighting or even guard rails.

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